The Key to Success…

So, you want to make a change….

You know what does not work in your life and you are not sure what could work. You know what does not serve you and you don’t know what decision to make. You may spend most of your time trying to figure out what could serve you, what could work and eventually in this process, fear comes up and you get stuck.

Trying to figure out what is next when you want to create something new in your life simply does not work. I understand it is tempting. When you try to figure out something, you are relying on your mind. Your mind will most likely pull you back into what you already know and it will create fear. It will limit you.

To create something new you need to shift paradigm. You don’t shift paradigm through your thinking.

The key to success is about letting go of your habitual way of processing information. First go within if you want to move forward.  Listen to your emotions, sensations and heart and trust them as your inner compass system for what is next. Shift from setting goals to trusting your experience moment to moment like walking in a labyrinth, not knowing what is next and not needing to know what is next. Your insights and vision will come at the perfect time.

Can you trust what feels good? Can you believe that could be enough to start with? Can you value what feels good as a foundation for your next phase in your life? I promise you, if you allow this to happen it will not take years to create a life that is meaningful and blissful. If you resist and keep on believing that you have to figure things out before you move forward then you will be stuck for a long time.

What do you choose? 🙂

Step Into Your Life

Your mind thinks and thinks …and the more you are thinking, the less aware you are. The more you are thinking, the more confused you are. From that place of confusion, life becomes a fantasy or a nightmare. In any case, you are not connected and it does not work. In life we always have the choice. We can choose our mind as our guide and live in worries and doubt or we can choose our soul and be more vibrant. It is up to us. What can we do to say yes to life?

This year is the year of the number seven in numerology (simply add 2+0+1+4). The seventh body corresponds to the auric body in the Kundalini Yoga tradition. This body influences your self-esteem and your power to attract what you want in life. It affects your intuition and is directly connected to your immune system. How can we strengthen our auric body?

There is one thing that will help you shift quickly and step into your life with truth and radiance; one thing that will put you out of your habitual way of thinking and reacting, one thing that will help your auric field to be brighter, bigger and stronger. This is your breath.

If you want to change any aspect of your life, change how you are breathing. Your breath is your spiritual blue print.  The yogis have believed that you can change anything through breath: your white and red cells count, your destiny, your addictions, etc. There is a breath pattern for everything.

There are many spiritual traditions that offer breath patterns in their toolbox. If you want fast shifts this is it! Step into your life and commit to a three minutes breath every day!

A Little Practice Can Go A Long Way

Sometimes small changes can create major shifts in your life. When I was caddying on the LPGA tour, I witnessed many times that a very small tweak could create a huge impact in a player’s game. It could be a slight shift in a grip; a very small change in the ball position before hitting the ball… the list is endless.

Today I would like to offer you and remind you the beauty of the following practice.

It is called:  The practice of Inner Smile.

Follow this process:

Your first step is to relax.

Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Don’t try to change it, be curious and be with your breath.

Your second step is to focus.

Focus on your physical experience, your physical sensations. If you are new to this process, start from your toes and slowly scan your body moving up all away to your head. What do you notice? Be curious without trying to analyze your experience.

Your third step is to smile from within.

Choose to smile at the cellular level without thinking about any situation. Stay relaxed and focused at the same time.

When I do that practice, I feel more vibrant and more serene. If you are not in a habit to meditate, you don’t have to do it for long. Start with 3 minutes a day for 7 days in row. Then decide if you want to keep practicing.

What are the benefits of this practice? 

Lets explore three benefits.

First benefit:

When you are relaxed you can show up in your radiance and your essence. Each time I am not relaxed, I know that the best of me is not expressed at that moment.

Second benefit:

When you are relaxed and centered at the same time you are really aware of your experience and what is happening around you at a deeper level. Then you have many options to engage in that situation you are or less reactive.

Third benefit:

When you practice inner smile, you practice trusting the moment, each moment.

Only then you experience infinite possibilities. Only then you experience serenity that is not attached to any situation. That is from that place that you can create the life you truly desire.

Practice inner smile and see yourself unfolding in new and subtle ways. Wishing you Happy and Holy days from my heart… =)

The Magic of Giving Up

Each of us has experienced giving up in life. If not, you have at least experienced the thought of giving up. You may have given up on a fitness program, a business idea, a relationship, on keeping your house clean, doing a daily meditation, etc. The list is endless.

As you are approaching the end of the year take the time to reflect on these questions:

1-    When and for which purpose did you give up this year?

2-    What was your experience of giving up?

Giving up is a beautiful place to be…  

It may not feel like it to you but it is a great opportunity to create, what I call, some real shifts. When you experience the breaking point and feel that you have no choice but giving up, then magic can happen. When you get frustrated, depressed, angry, and you want to hide or you decide that this project was not a good idea anymore, then that is the perfect time for transformation.

I personally love to be on your side during these times (not that I enjoy to see you in pain!) because new possibilities can emerge. Nobody wants to feel the deep sense of defeat and pain, yet in these moments of deep suffering, you truly have the choice to rebirth.

When the thought of giving up arises we have have two options: one, giving up or two, surrendering. Which one do you choose?

Shifting from giving up to surrendering…

When you shift from a place of giving up to a place of surrendering, you are not giving up your dreams and your vision; you are changing the way to get there. You are giving up your habits some of your patterns not your desired outcomes. You are accepting your own limitations and from there you are taping into your creativity and your wisdom.

Reaching in and reaching out

This is only at this moment that you truly say yes to you. You can keep on pushing, forcing, reacting, controlling and shutting down or you can realize and embrace what is at this moment.

When you experience the idea of giving up, don’t drop everything, don’t hide, and don’t isolate yourself. Surrender and reach out to the community of friends, family or professionals you trust to create shifts that uplift you.

In the meantime, experience a 40 days meditation to experience inner bliss! It will help your emotional flexibility so that you can bounce back with more ease! Please Jina put the link to the 40 days meditation thank you!

How To Create Bliss During The Holiday Season!

The holiday season often brings a unique blend of experiences and emotions. During these festive times, you may carry too high expectations and or experience disappointments. You may spend too much money, overeat or feel too much pressure to give and be a certain way with others. At times you also may be at peace and centered, noticing the buzz in the air, and feeling extremely joyful and grateful.

On my side, I love to keep my work schedule the same during the holidays. It helps me to stay centered, alive and at peace.

No matter where you are at, it is a beautiful time to go within as much stimulation from our environment can prevent us to stay grounded and stable inside.

Why not decide this year to experience bliss from within during the holidays?

This year I choose to share with you one of the gems from the kundalini yoga tradition. I invite you to start a 40 days meditation on Friday, November 22nd, and you will finish this meditation on December 31st.

The meditation I have chosen is called “Self Stimulation Into Ecstasy”.

According to the yogi, forty days meditation in a row is a great foundation to create a shift that can last. A shift that will help you stay connected to the frequency of your soul and be more alive. This meditation will help you go through the holidays with relaxation, focus, a peaceful heart and a bright spirit. Everyone can do it GUARANTIED!

My wish for you is that you clearly decide, just one time, to engage yourself in doing this meditation for forty days and then decide for yourself based on your experience if you want to pursue or not. You can still embrace and respect your religion. Just try it once. Remember that you are your biggest asset in life.

Click on this link to get this meditation and the guidelines to make it easy on yourself. Let me know how you are doing!

Got Challenges?

What is life made of? Challenges. Some of them are wonderful and some can be really painful. No one wants to be overwhelmed with pain and yet, a life without challenge is absolutely depressing. Without any challenge you fall asleep; you become lethargic.

As much as you can, don’t let challenges come to; you choose your challenges. They will engage every part of your being. When you are fully engaged, you are happy.

The goal here is not to overcome your challenges, it is to change your relationship with them. The goal is not to be a hero of some kind; there is no battle against challenges but a need to shift your focus. The most important thing is to change how you respond to a challenge.

How can you master your relationship with challenges? If you are in a true loving relationship you have a great opportunity to master challenges. Love creates a safe environment and enhances your ability for compassion so that you are more willing to embrace challenges and constantly renew yourself.

Some spiritual practices are masterful in helping you embrace challenges. They will create situations where your mind and body will get challenged so that you know how to embrace unexpected situations in every area of your life.

Some of you may love physical activities that will require patience, focus and inner stability. So choose an area of your liking where you want to change your relationship with the challenge you are facing.

Now I have also seen some people addicted to challenges, particularly in the physical realm and at that point, you are not learning anything. You become rigid, obsessed and disconnected with your essence, your spiritual source.  When I used to caddy on the LPGA tour, the best golfers were never the ones who practiced longer on the range. When the physical part of who you are is not connected to your essence, it does not work.

So what’s your favorite challenge? What is the one that makes you grow and keep you truly alive? What is the one that makes you smile after all? Do you want to explore what is the best challenge for you? Take a complimentary session with Tejpal….


Art to Heart Relationship

A few weeks ago, one of the young women who attended a series of my workshops told me, “You always think that everybody is an artist.” This young woman had decided to be a lawyer and was wondering if it was my love for art that made me assume that everybody was an artist.

And so…here I am…thinking…do I believe that everyone has a form of art they can deeply relate to? Do I trust that everyone has a form of art that can really uplift their being? Do I think everyone can truly enjoy expressing the essence of who they are through art? Do I truly know that we can enjoy something without necessarily being good at it? Without any hesitation I say yes to all of these questions.

You did not come on earth with only a logical mind. You did not come on earth to make every single decision through your analytical mind. You did not come on earth to be successful. You came on earth to be joyful. The first one does not necessary lead to the second one. You are a human being with five senses, a right and a left-brain, emotions, a heart, and a physical and spiritual identity. If you only rely on your logical mind you are designing a life style that guarantees unhappiness.

Discovering a form of art expression that uplifts you automatically opens you up to the spiritual part of who you are. Through that form of art, you may be expressing deep emotions or sensations that you may not be able to express any other way. In brief, you are expanding your horizon of experience and shifting paradigm.

Each time you expand your horizon of experience from a place of joy, you connect to the biggest part of who you are; your spiritual being. Each time you connect to your spiritual being you are more guided in your decision making process, you are more at peace, your heart is more opened and you have more energy.

I love to cook but I never ever follow a recipe though I will get inspired from one. I also love to do abstract painting with acrylic on a big sheet. I recently discovered clay and I always have fun with my guitar.

Each of you has an art form they can deeply connect to. Whether it is with food, gardening, movements, sounds, visual art, etc. Your first step is to explore what form of art brings you joy. Embrace your self-judgment if you have any and keep on going. Your commitment to an art form will help you grow faster than what you think and be centered in your heart.

So get going and let me know how you are doing! Do you want to know what form of art makes your essence blossom? Take a complimentary session with Tejpal.


Self-renewal is a natural process of the physical body. When we inhale, we renew, and when we exhale, we release. Our cells completely renew themselves every 7 years. What does it take from us to truly chose the path of renewal?

Do we need to reinvent ourselves when we get sick or when we face a challenge?
Do we have to create changes only when we are against the wall?

I wish for you to understand the benefits of re-creating yourself constantly.

When you get locked into a routine and an image of who you are, then your life force and your awareness decrease. Before you know it, most of your life starts running on automatic and little by little you will disconnect from your true joy.

When I suggest to my clients that they should paint, sing, dance, plant, go back to school, or anything else that accesses their essence, I often hear a resistance. I hear, “I can’t. It is not going to work.” The main resistance is about your image and your perception of your environment. What you think people think about you is often the main obstacle. I completely understand this principle. When I was in my late twenties, each time I needed to express new parts of myself, I had to leave my job, the relationship I was in, etc. I was too scared to show new parts of me.

Self-renewal is not optional. It is part of your physical and spiritual DNA. It is choosing moment to moment to stay curious and open. It is willing to change some of your assumptions and expand your horizon. It does not have to be grandiose. It is an attitude of not knowing so that you can stay fresh and create from scratch.

Starting today, which part of yourself do you want to renew?
It could be as simple as changing an eating habit, listening to your loved one in a different way, or creating a new way to get up in the morning or go to bed at night.

Choose to be alert and alive, choose the path of self-renewal!

Change Your Relationship With Your Spirituality

Your spiritual dimension is the biggest part of who you are; yet you may spend a lot of time in your physical, emotional or mental dimension.

When your life is very much in the physical, no matter what your accomplishments are, you will never be fulfilled. There will be a constant void in your life and you may be running for more successes yet they will never nourish you.

When your life is very much in the emotional, you are on a rollercoaster and your happiness is only based on what is happening around you.

When your life is stuck in the mental, everything is complicated; there is never a simple answer. You never make any decision. You are waiting for the so-called ideal situation.

Your Spirituality is your strength; it will help you go beyond your fear and the unexpected events that may happen in your life.

We all have patterns that do not serve us. One of mine is to rescue people that I deeply love. At times, I would do anything for them beyond my physical abilities. I would carry their pain as if it was my pain. I would be on alert 24/7 with no time to rest and to breathe. What it truly creates is a lack of space for everyone and more unnecessary stress.

I have had a chance to experience few physical diseases in this past year and they have helped me tremendously. They taught me to stay in my body, be less reactive and more spacious with the people I love. They taught me to let go, let them be and to be quiet about my opinions. They taught me to be still and the experience is priceless! They also reminded me how temporary my physical body is and that my spiritual dimension is not a luxury but an absolute necessity.

When your spiritual body is strong, you can go through anything, any pain and stay stable. You will not be lost in the pain, the fear or the worries. You will feel it but you will not be lost in it. Make your spiritual body a priority.

How can you strengthen your spiritual body? Every teacher has talked about the value of commitment to spiritual self through a daily spiritual practice. A very effective commitment is to practice a breath. There are many breath patterns available from different traditions, each of them carrying divine teaching, divine precision and focusing on a clear goal. It is I believe the best protein booster for your soul.

Your spiritual practice is not an escape but a doorway to help you live your physical life. A spiritual practice is designed to create shifts in your life for the better. If there are no shifts happening in your life after 40 days of practice, you are simply not having the right practice for you.

Do you want to explore a spiritual practice that is right for you? Take a complimentary session with Tejpal.

What’s Wrong With Me?

How often have you had that inner conversation? There could be a number of reasons why you ask yourself this.

You still haven‘t created a lifestyle that is fulfilling. You are in a bad or so-so relationship. In business, you did not get that new client you desperately wanted. You have health problems. You cannot loose excess weight. Your daughter is not talking to you. The time it takes you to get to work is too long. You don’t have any friends that understand who you truly are. You are depressed…and the list goes on.

When we choose the path of self-growth, we know that we are always part of a creative process that is unfolding in front of us. We know that everything that happens in our lives is an opportunity to teach and recreate ourselves. We know that we are fully responsible for the life we are in.

But wait, does it mean that we need to blame or condemn ourselves when we manifest something we don’t want? We need to shift our mantra and drop, “What’s wrong with me” to adopt, “What is happening for me now?”

Each time you go into judgment, you disconnect from your essence and you don’t grow. You don’t learn anything and keep attracting the same thing.

There are three simple questions you can ask yourself that will help you to be open and curious.

  • How do I feel at this moment?
  • What do I need?
  • What can be other ways to get my needs met?

If you commit to being “self-centered” and present to your experience, you will  expand. Shift from judging yourself to being curious and clueless. Decide to know nothing and sit moment to moment within your experiences. If you do this, then pain does not exist; everything is just spacious.

Do you want to expand your horizon of possibilities? Take a complimentary session with Tejpal.

Four Benefits to Live in the Heart

Four Benefits to Live in the Heart

We all know that the heart is the path of choice if we want to truly experience happiness in our lives. Yet we all need to be constantly reminded about its beauty, power and wisdom.

I would like to focus on four main benefits:

1. Your heart helps you live intuitively.

In the field of energy it has been said that your heart chakra is the bridge between your spiritual and physical reality. It is the entity that helps you connect with your spiritual self and creates oneness between your spiritual and physical reality.  Your heart is, by essence, intuitive. When you live intuitively, things in your life are simpler, clearer, and you are able to focus on what is really important for you.

2. Your heart is a master healer.

Your heart is the organ in the body that has the biggest energy field. A vast energy field is able to generate momentum for clearing and creating deep shifts. The process of healing is multidimensional, holistic and organic. It requires the ability to be in the now which is the foundation of the heart.

3. Your heart helps you reinvent yourself.

Every breath gives you an opportunity to renew and create a new life. You cannot reinvent yourself from what you know, you can only reinvent yourself if you choose to be in the moment, in the unknown; where your heart lies.

4. Your heart creates happiness.

An open heart does not resist, shut down, react, assume, judge, compare, or hide. An open heart embraces, receives, welcomes, accepts, reaches out, uplifts heals, forgives and inspires…to name a few. When you experience these states of being, you experience happiness, openness and serenity at a new level of depth.

Choose to live in your heart. Trust its inner knowing and expand from there. The guidance you receive will help you stay stable within yourself no matter what is happening in your life.

Do you want to be more connected to your heart? Take a 25-minute complimentary session with Tejpal to get key insights for more happiness in your life.

Catch and Release: The Path To Vibrant Living

Catch and Release: The Path To Vibrant Living

For many years I was experiencing a lot of fear and I didn’t even know it. It was only when I started to do personal work in my early thirties that I realized how much fear I had. Due to that fear, I was tense all the time, always obsessed with outcomes, always projecting into the future. This constant stage of alertness and tension were creating great results but the suffering inside myself was greater than the achievements I was able to generate. Deep inside, I was hoping for joy, serenity and fulfillment.

As I started working with healers, therapists, artists and spiritual teachers from many traditions, I discovered the absolute necessity to do my emotional clearing in order to access my healership and my spirituality. I truly understood that vibrant living always anchors at the spiritual level and requires a continuous focus on our emotional dimension.

There are many approaches that can help you clear and balance your emotional dimension so that you can expand and feel vibrant.

One technique I like to use is what I call, the Catch and Release technique.

Your first job is to keep an eye on your emotional status. How are you feeling? Check in often throughout your day. Be aware and catch the quality of the emotions you are experiencing. Your emotions will give you lots of insights to what is going on in your life.

Once you are aware, realize that you don’t need to understand why you are feeling what you are feeling; simply witness and eventually release. This approach will help you connect deeper to your spiritual reality.

Choose a way of being that does not need to analyze everything. Shift from understanding to experiencing and acknowledging. You will relax, become more spacious, and you will raise your vibration.

Do you want to explore how you can be more vibrant in your life? Take a complimentary discovery session with Tejpal…

Book a complimentary session with Tejpal

The Path To Forgiveness

The Path To Forgiveness

How often do you practice forgiveness in your life? How do you feel about it?

Too often we experience forgiveness from our will or from our head. When we forgive from our will, we act from a place of good intent but it is not enough. When we forgive from our head, we create a good story excusing the other person or group of people involved in our experience of pain and we focus on the wrong thing.

What is forgiveness? It is an act of going within. The focus is not on any situation, the focus is on you, the pain you have experienced. Instead of figuring out how to move forward; go back to your experience, your emotions and your sensations. Can you connect to your pain without judgment? This is where the act of forgiveness begins. The heart leads the process. Your heart holds the space without reaction, judgment or anticipation of any kind. That is where the true magic happens. Your heart does not have any emotion. When there is no emotion, there is no attachment. When there is no attachment, there is forgiveness.

There are mantras, breaths, visualization and movements that will help you connect, expand and open the energy field of your heart to receive its true wisdom. To experience inner peace and stay connected to your heart, practice forgiveness everyday.

There is always something you have judgments or frustration towards. You may be angry at God, your destiny, your abilities, etc.

To feel complete in the practice of forgiveness, let your heart lead the process and stay present to your experience. How do I feel? Where do I feel it? What do I need?

If you skip those phases, you will never forgive.

Do you want to explore the many tools that can help you forgive in your life?

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Be Truthful

Be Truthful

When I was a kid, being truthful meant being honest. With that in mind, there was a strong statement: truth is right and lack of truth is wrong. The concept of truth has been greatly distorted for centuries.  Some people have fought for the truth, and still do, making it ok to kill, destroy, etc. just because of the truth. In my upbringing, being untruthful brought a lot of guilt.

Let’s explore the truth from a prospective that does not have to activate the experience of guilt or war. Being truthful means being willing, curious and courageous to know what your true experience is moment to moment. It is about being present to you, your joy, your clarity, your confusion, your excitement, your dreams, etc. It is about being aware of your feelings, sensations and thoughts.

The intent here is to stay connected with who you are. Yet we have so many distractions that will prevent us from being who we are. Let’s explore a few of them.

1- You have a desire for somebody else to change.

Whether it is your child, your spouse, your friend, your sibling, your parents or a co-worker; you have a wish for them. Here are a few examples: “I wish they would recognize me. I wish he would stop drinking. I wish she could take more initiative.” You get attached to these desires of what the other person could or should do and you are not connected to you. You are lost into judgment.

2- You got hurt.

When this happens you may think about what the other person did to you and what was wrong with him or her. Each time you are doing this, you are not feeling your pain or your needs. You are not exploring what your needs are to heal and move on.

3- You want something else in your life.

You want a better relationship, better health or a better financial situation and you believe that this is the answer to your happiness. You get hooked in that story. When you do this, you are not paying attention to the void within you.

As long as you are not true to yourself nothing will feel really good. When you choose to be true, possibilities in life are truly endless. Your creativity and ability to relax expands tremendously. “The law is: if you are you, then all things will come to you.” (Yogi Bhajan) Don’t waist your time trying to change who you are. Focus on changing how you relate to who you are so that you can accept it and be truthful. That is your foundation for desired manifestation to occur.

Do you want to be true in your life? Get a complimentary session with Tejpal.

Where Do You Live?

Where Do You Live?

Do you live in your head or do you live in your heart? How do you make the distinctions? Your head compares, your heart embraces. Your head goes into the past and future, your heart lives in the present. Your head wants to fix things around, your heart heals. Your head focuses on what you don’t have, your heart enjoys the journey of what you want. Your head is always busy, you heart stays still. Your head jumps into conclusion, your heart is curious and open. Your head focuses on the end results, your heart is sensitive to the now. Your head creates confusion your heart keeps things simple.

Do you live in your emotions or do you live in your heart?

To be vibrant, emotions are wonderful and necessary in your life. Yet, they cannot be the unique source to make decisions from. If you do, your life will be a rollercoaster and most likely you will loose yourself in the process.  Your emotions are extremely powerful. Sometimes you love them and sometimes you experience excruciating pain. Emotions do not live in the heart. Could you choose the heart as a foundation for your life instead of your emotions? Love is spacious; love is about detachment. When you get attached, you are not in love you are hooked with an emotion.

So what can you do? There are many exercises for you to choose from. My first suggestion is to practice daily Self Blessing. Many spiritual practices offer different forms of self-blessing and you can create you own. Meditate, write, dance, sing, and explore a format that fulfills you. If you decide to do a practice of your choice for 40 days in a row every morning and evening, you will experience the wisdom of your heart more often and your life will shift for the better.

Do you want to live in your heart? Take a complementary session with Tejpal to map out how you could experience this process.

The Magic Lies Within

The Magic Lies Within

What if you had all the right tools and practices in life to create the changes you desire? What if, despite the tools you have, no change truly happens in your life?

Often, the true magic appears not when you change things around you (at times you need to) but when you decide to change how you relate to things around you.

After over 27 years of experience, I have seen many people changing coaches, therapists and healers, trying new things constantly, looking for the magic pill and going nowhere.

If you want more magic in your life, there are three areas to look at that will reveal more of your inner truth and help you create joy from your essence. Take a quick look at them.

1 – Commitment

This is certainly one of the most powerful tools for personal growth on earth. Commitment shows a lot about your ability to trust who you are and what you want in life. Commitment reveals how ready you are to face any kind of challenges and accept your own limitations.

2 – Love

Love is what we all want and yet sometimes we dream about romance more than love. Love allows you to witness and accept everything. There is no demand on yourself or others, no resistance, no judgment, but complete acceptance.

It reveals your ability to detach from your emotions (yet enjoying them!) and truly embrace your spiritual dimension. Love is pure awareness of what is.

3 – Time

Mastering time helps you to be in the moment, not trapped in the past or in the future. When you live in the moment you can renew.  Time reveals your ability to stay patient, humble and have faith.

Are you willing to explore your relationship with these three areas? Are you curious and excited to grow in a way that does not have to be painful but rather joyful? Are you open to change?

Are you willing to explore your relationship with these three areas? Are you curious and excited to grow in a way that does not have to be painful but rather joyful? Are you open to change?

Get a free complementary session with Tejpal to map out how you could experience this process.

Are You Running Away From Pain or Reaching Out For Joy?

Are You Running Away From Pain or Reaching Out For Joy?

In the many years of practice helping women and men in their search for true happiness and in my own personal experience, I have noticed that too often, instead of looking for joy we are running away from pain.

How do you know if you are running away from pain? Start to answer the following questions. What is my biggest fear in my life? What do I do to avoid feeling that fear? I suggest you journal on these two questions for at least 7 days.

Let’s look at a few examples:

If you are afraid of loosing someone you love you may prevent yourself from sharing your truth or do more things that nurture your worry being rejected by the other. If you are afraid of negativity you may create harmony at any price and at time dismiss expressing your needs. If you are afraid or not being appreciated, you may want to prove how good you are. When you do this over and over, you may become physically ill or experience a lack of joy and a feeling of emptiness in your life.

Reaching out for joy is a different paradigm. It is an act of courage and faith. It means that you choose to believe that your pains will not control you, and that they will be part of your personal growth.  When you are not afraid of your fears you can open up to your deepest desire and yet stay present to any resistance you may experience. Stay present in your heart and emotions not in your head.

Reaching out for joy is a risk, the risk to accept your vulnerabilities and imperfections. And each time you do this, your happiness expands. The goal here is not to celebrate pain, but not to run away from it.  Explore your joy, commit to journaling for 40 days on the following question: what brings me joy? As you write down your answers, you will think about it more and more throughout your day. Joy is now at the center of your life. Once you have done that exercise for 40 days, I hope you will make a few changes in your life for the better.

If you want to deepen your presence and reach out for joy, the intuition program available on line will help you tremendously. You can also take a complimentary session with Tejpal.

Are you ready to renew yourself? Get a discovery session with Tejpal.

You Are on Earth to Beam Your Light Out

You Are on Earth to Beam Your Light Out

No matter who you are and what your lifestyle is, the more you glow, the more you will attract what you truly desire in life. Then…the more you attract what is aligned with your essence, the more you glow.

I wish we all could hold that state of being on a consistent basis. It is easy to shine when everything goes well around us. When our work is fulfilling, our finances in good order, our relationships nurturing and our health in balance, we will naturally glow.

What happens when something in our life goes off? What happens when we experience pain? Can we still beam our light out? Of course we can! Our light comes from our spirit.  When we stay true to our spirit we shine.

Take a moment and choose an area of your life that often creates challenges and pain. It can be a difficult relationship, a lack of clarity in your finances, health issues that you keep dismissing, a feeling of insecurity at work, a frustration about where you live, etc.

How have you dealt with it so far? Have you been too busy to avoid addressing that situation? Have you been angry, depressed? Did you judge or blame? What has been your response?

Many times, we will react in one of the ways mentioned above. Each time we react, we disconnect from the place of pain. Each time we disconnect from the pain we disconnect from our truth and can’t glow. If we want to shine, we need to stay true to our self and to our pain.

Most of the time we skip this first step and jump into figuring out what to do. We go into our head. You will never get clarity from your mind. You will get clarity from your heart and your spirit.

Learn to stay with your pain without reacting. Learn to be present in the moment. Make a distinction between your mind and your pain. At a time of pain, part of your mind will go into panic, assumptions, and conclusion. Stay with your pain, not with your mind and the quality of light you carry within will amaze you.

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Release and Renew

Release and Renew

How often are you open and willing to reinvent yourself?

Renewal is an important part of your life force. It gives you the ability to keep a positive spirit and help you embrace life with more ease.

What happens when you don’t renew?

Your life becomes predictable, your energy drops and your enthusiasm is not as high as it could be. You become more reactive and more rigid.

The renewal process is like the creation of a collage. At the beginning it does not look good.  You have no idea where you are going and you may even wonder if doing a collage is a good idea; it seems chaotic. As you keep going, your collage becomes alive and you get more energized. Eventually something quite amazing appears.

The renewal process breaks some of your habits. You also don’t know what you are rebirthing into. The only thing you know is that you will have a deeper relationship with your true self, more flexibility and less attachment.

What are the key elements for renewal?

Many spiritual traditions have unique methods to help a person going through the rebirthing process.

The first step is often a clearing at the physical, emotional and mental level.

At the physical level, you may want to change some of your nutritional habits or do a fast. At the emotional level you may want to release some feelings that have been stuck within you for a long time. At the mental level you may want to use the power of breath to clear your mind.

What do you want to clear at the physical, emotional and spiritual level?

As you read this News Letter, answer this question now, don’t wait. Also to get used to the rebirthing process, do a collage with a few friends as I did for my birthday a couple of weeks ago!

How vibrant do you want to be? How much renewal do you want to experience?

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Your Spiritual Emergency Kit Series: Healing Your Pain

Your Spiritual Emergency Kit Series: Healing Your Pain

Most of you have an emergency kit for your physical body at home. Have you created an emergency kit for your spiritual body?

In your emergency first aid kit you are given very specific tools to handle pain.

You have some pills to numb the pain, liquid to clear any infection, cream to prevent the pain to spread to other parts of the body and bandages to protect the pain.

The yogis have said that we have ten bodies and that the physical body is one of them. How do we heal our pain at the spiritual level? How do we heal our pain for the nine bodies that are not physical? What is truly missing in your physical emergency kit?

What are the necessary steps to heal your pain? Let’s look at the first two steps


From numbing to connecting

Numbing the pain is often the first temptation and some of you may handle this in many ways: more alcohol, more TV, more work, etc. You want to disconnect from the place of pain hoping it will go away. At time, numbing the pain with medication is absolutely necessary yet it cannot be the only response.

If you want to heal your pain at the spiritual level, you have to reconnect to it. Your job is to receive it, to be the host of your pain. You will be surprised to realize that the more you connect to your pain the less pain you will experience. How can you do this? Simply journal every day. If you are overwhelmed with constant worries, write about your worries; if you have a fear of rejection that takes over every decision in your life write about your fear of rejection. Let this pain “talk”. The more you push your pain away or dismiss it the more the pain grows within you.

From controlling to releasing

At the physical level, you have learned to contain the pain and prevent it from spreading through the body. At the spiritual level, you want to create a context where the pain can be released.

When you contain the pain you are numbing yourself. Your intuition and radiance shut down and it is harder to be present moment to moment. Your joy factor diminishes. When you release your pain, you feel lighter. How do you release your pain? Some of you need to cry and be held by a friend or healer; others may dance, sing or paint their pain. If you meditate or pray, ask for spiritual guidance and spiritual helpers for other options to release your pain.

The processes you have learned to heal your pain at the physical level rarely work in your life.

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