The Magic of Giving Up

Each of us has experienced giving up in life. If not, you have at least experienced the thought of giving up. You may have given up on a fitness program, a business idea, a relationship, on keeping your house clean, doing a daily meditation, etc. The list is endless.

As you are approaching the end of the year take the time to reflect on these questions:

1-    When and for which purpose did you give up this year?

2-    What was your experience of giving up?

Giving up is a beautiful place to be…  

It may not feel like it to you but it is a great opportunity to create, what I call, some real shifts. When you experience the breaking point and feel that you have no choice but giving up, then magic can happen. When you get frustrated, depressed, angry, and you want to hide or you decide that this project was not a good idea anymore, then that is the perfect time for transformation.

I personally love to be on your side during these times (not that I enjoy to see you in pain!) because new possibilities can emerge. Nobody wants to feel the deep sense of defeat and pain, yet in these moments of deep suffering, you truly have the choice to rebirth.

When the thought of giving up arises we have have two options: one, giving up or two, surrendering. Which one do you choose?

Shifting from giving up to surrendering…

When you shift from a place of giving up to a place of surrendering, you are not giving up your dreams and your vision; you are changing the way to get there. You are giving up your habits some of your patterns not your desired outcomes. You are accepting your own limitations and from there you are taping into your creativity and your wisdom.

Reaching in and reaching out

This is only at this moment that you truly say yes to you. You can keep on pushing, forcing, reacting, controlling and shutting down or you can realize and embrace what is at this moment.

When you experience the idea of giving up, don’t drop everything, don’t hide, and don’t isolate yourself. Surrender and reach out to the community of friends, family or professionals you trust to create shifts that uplift you.

In the meantime, experience a 40 days meditation to experience inner bliss! It will help your emotional flexibility so that you can bounce back with more ease! Please Jina put the link to the 40 days meditation thank you!

By Tejpal

Tejpal has helped people around the world to experience the life they have imagined. Her approach is energy-based to create fast and lasting shifts that generate authentic fulfillment.

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