The Path To Forgiveness

The Path To Forgiveness

How often do you practice forgiveness in your life? How do you feel about it?

Too often we experience forgiveness from our will or from our head. When we forgive from our will, we act from a place of good intent but it is not enough. When we forgive from our head, we create a good story excusing the other person or group of people involved in our experience of pain and we focus on the wrong thing.

What is forgiveness? It is an act of going within. The focus is not on any situation, the focus is on you, the pain you have experienced. Instead of figuring out how to move forward; go back to your experience, your emotions and your sensations. Can you connect to your pain without judgment? This is where the act of forgiveness begins. The heart leads the process. Your heart holds the space without reaction, judgment or anticipation of any kind. That is where the true magic happens. Your heart does not have any emotion. When there is no emotion, there is no attachment. When there is no attachment, there is forgiveness.

There are mantras, breaths, visualization and movements that will help you connect, expand and open the energy field of your heart to receive its true wisdom. To experience inner peace and stay connected to your heart, practice forgiveness everyday.

There is always something you have judgments or frustration towards. You may be angry at God, your destiny, your abilities, etc.

To feel complete in the practice of forgiveness, let your heart lead the process and stay present to your experience. How do I feel? Where do I feel it? What do I need?

If you skip those phases, you will never forgive.

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