Where Do You Live?

Do you live in your head or do you live in your heart? How do you make the distinctions? Your head compares, your heart embraces. Your head goes into the past and future, your heart lives in the present. Your head wants to fix things around, your heart heals. Your head focuses on what you don’t have, your heart enjoys the journey of what you want. Your head is always busy, you heart stays still. Your head jumps into conclusion, your heart is curious and open. Your head focuses on the end results, your heart is sensitive to the now. Your head creates confusion your heart keeps things simple.

Do you live in your emotions or do you live in your heart?

To be vibrant, emotions are wonderful and necessary in your life. Yet, they cannot be the unique source to make decisions from. If you do, your life will be a rollercoaster and most likely you will loose yourself in the process.  Your emotions are extremely powerful. Sometimes you love them and sometimes you experience excruciating pain. Emotions do not live in the heart. Could you choose the heart as a foundation for your life instead of your emotions? Love is spacious; love is about detachment. When you get attached, you are not in love you are hooked with an emotion.

So what can you do? There are many exercises for you to choose from. My first suggestion is to practice daily Self Blessing. Many spiritual practices offer different forms of self-blessing and you can create you own. Meditate, write, dance, sing, and explore a format that fulfills you. If you decide to do a practice of your choice for 40 days in a row every morning and evening, you will experience the wisdom of your heart more often and your life will shift for the better.

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