Be Truthful

Be Truthful

When I was a kid, being truthful meant being honest. With that in mind, there was a strong statement: truth is right and lack of truth is wrong. The concept of truth has been greatly distorted for centuries.  Some people have fought for the truth, and still do, making it ok to kill, destroy, etc. just because of the truth. In my upbringing, being untruthful brought a lot of guilt.

Let’s explore the truth from a prospective that does not have to activate the experience of guilt or war. Being truthful means being willing, curious and courageous to know what your true experience is moment to moment. It is about being present to you, your joy, your clarity, your confusion, your excitement, your dreams, etc. It is about being aware of your feelings, sensations and thoughts.

The intent here is to stay connected with who you are. Yet we have so many distractions that will prevent us from being who we are. Let’s explore a few of them.

1- You have a desire for somebody else to change.

Whether it is your child, your spouse, your friend, your sibling, your parents or a co-worker; you have a wish for them. Here are a few examples: “I wish they would recognize me. I wish he would stop drinking. I wish she could take more initiative.” You get attached to these desires of what the other person could or should do and you are not connected to you. You are lost into judgment.

2- You got hurt.

When this happens you may think about what the other person did to you and what was wrong with him or her. Each time you are doing this, you are not feeling your pain or your needs. You are not exploring what your needs are to heal and move on.

3- You want something else in your life.

You want a better relationship, better health or a better financial situation and you believe that this is the answer to your happiness. You get hooked in that story. When you do this, you are not paying attention to the void within you.

As long as you are not true to yourself nothing will feel really good. When you choose to be true, possibilities in life are truly endless. Your creativity and ability to relax expands tremendously. “The law is: if you are you, then all things will come to you.” (Yogi Bhajan) Don’t waist your time trying to change who you are. Focus on changing how you relate to who you are so that you can accept it and be truthful. That is your foundation for desired manifestation to occur.

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