Are You Running Away From Pain or Reaching Out For Joy?

Are You Running Away From Pain or Reaching Out For Joy?

In the many years of practice helping women and men in their search for true happiness and in my own personal experience, I have noticed that too often, instead of looking for joy we are running away from pain.

How do you know if you are running away from pain? Start to answer the following questions. What is my biggest fear in my life? What do I do to avoid feeling that fear? I suggest you journal on these two questions for at least 7 days.

Let’s look at a few examples:

If you are afraid of loosing someone you love you may prevent yourself from sharing your truth or do more things that nurture your worry being rejected by the other. If you are afraid of negativity you may create harmony at any price and at time dismiss expressing your needs. If you are afraid or not being appreciated, you may want to prove how good you are. When you do this over and over, you may become physically ill or experience a lack of joy and a feeling of emptiness in your life.

Reaching out for joy is a different paradigm. It is an act of courage and faith. It means that you choose to believe that your pains will not control you, and that they will be part of your personal growth.  When you are not afraid of your fears you can open up to your deepest desire and yet stay present to any resistance you may experience. Stay present in your heart and emotions not in your head.

Reaching out for joy is a risk, the risk to accept your vulnerabilities and imperfections. And each time you do this, your happiness expands. The goal here is not to celebrate pain, but not to run away from it.  Explore your joy, commit to journaling for 40 days on the following question: what brings me joy? As you write down your answers, you will think about it more and more throughout your day. Joy is now at the center of your life. Once you have done that exercise for 40 days, I hope you will make a few changes in your life for the better.

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