You Are on Earth to Beam Your Light Out

You Are on Earth to Beam Your Light Out

No matter who you are and what your lifestyle is, the more you glow, the more you will attract what you truly desire in life. Then…the more you attract what is aligned with your essence, the more you glow.

I wish we all could hold that state of being on a consistent basis. It is easy to shine when everything goes well around us. When our work is fulfilling, our finances in good order, our relationships nurturing and our health in balance, we will naturally glow.

What happens when something in our life goes off? What happens when we experience pain? Can we still beam our light out? Of course we can! Our light comes from our spirit.  When we stay true to our spirit we shine.

Take a moment and choose an area of your life that often creates challenges and pain. It can be a difficult relationship, a lack of clarity in your finances, health issues that you keep dismissing, a feeling of insecurity at work, a frustration about where you live, etc.

How have you dealt with it so far? Have you been too busy to avoid addressing that situation? Have you been angry, depressed? Did you judge or blame? What has been your response?

Many times, we will react in one of the ways mentioned above. Each time we react, we disconnect from the place of pain. Each time we disconnect from the pain we disconnect from our truth and can’t glow. If we want to shine, we need to stay true to our self and to our pain.

Most of the time we skip this first step and jump into figuring out what to do. We go into our head. You will never get clarity from your mind. You will get clarity from your heart and your spirit.

Learn to stay with your pain without reacting. Learn to be present in the moment. Make a distinction between your mind and your pain. At a time of pain, part of your mind will go into panic, assumptions, and conclusion. Stay with your pain, not with your mind and the quality of light you carry within will amaze you.

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