Change Your Relationship With Your Spirituality

Your spiritual dimension is the biggest part of who you are; yet you may spend a lot of time in your physical, emotional or mental dimension.

When your life is very much in the physical, no matter what your accomplishments are, you will never be fulfilled. There will be a constant void in your life and you may be running for more successes yet they will never nourish you.

When your life is very much in the emotional, you are on a rollercoaster and your happiness is only based on what is happening around you.

When your life is stuck in the mental, everything is complicated; there is never a simple answer. You never make any decision. You are waiting for the so-called ideal situation.

Your Spirituality is your strength; it will help you go beyond your fear and the unexpected events that may happen in your life.

We all have patterns that do not serve us. One of mine is to rescue people that I deeply love. At times, I would do anything for them beyond my physical abilities. I would carry their pain as if it was my pain. I would be on alert 24/7 with no time to rest and to breathe. What it truly creates is a lack of space for everyone and more unnecessary stress.

I have had a chance to experience few physical diseases in this past year and they have helped me tremendously. They taught me to stay in my body, be less reactive and more spacious with the people I love. They taught me to let go, let them be and to be quiet about my opinions. They taught me to be still and the experience is priceless! They also reminded me how temporary my physical body is and that my spiritual dimension is not a luxury but an absolute necessity.

When your spiritual body is strong, you can go through anything, any pain and stay stable. You will not be lost in the pain, the fear or the worries. You will feel it but you will not be lost in it. Make your spiritual body a priority.

How can you strengthen your spiritual body? Every teacher has talked about the value of commitment to spiritual self through a daily spiritual practice. A very effective commitment is to practice a breath. There are many breath patterns available from different traditions, each of them carrying divine teaching, divine precision and focusing on a clear goal. It is I believe the best protein booster for your soul.

Your spiritual practice is not an escape but a doorway to help you live your physical life. A spiritual practice is designed to create shifts in your life for the better. If there are no shifts happening in your life after 40 days of practice, you are simply not having the right practice for you.

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By Tejpal

Tejpal has helped people around the world to experience the life they have imagined. Her approach is energy-based to create fast and lasting shifts that generate authentic fulfillment.

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