How To Create Bliss During The Holiday Season!

The holiday season often brings a unique blend of experiences and emotions. During these festive times, you may carry too high expectations and or experience disappointments. You may spend too much money, overeat or feel too much pressure to give and be a certain way with others. At times you also may be at peace and centered, noticing the buzz in the air, and feeling extremely joyful and grateful.

On my side, I love to keep my work schedule the same during the holidays. It helps me to stay centered, alive and at peace.

No matter where you are at, it is a beautiful time to go within as much stimulation from our environment can prevent us to stay grounded and stable inside.

Why not decide this year to experience bliss from within during the holidays?

This year I choose to share with you one of the gems from the kundalini yoga tradition. I invite you to start a 40 days meditation on Friday, November 22nd, and you will finish this meditation on December 31st.

The meditation I have chosen is called “Self Stimulation Into Ecstasy”.

According to the yogi, forty days meditation in a row is a great foundation to create a shift that can last. A shift that will help you stay connected to the frequency of your soul and be more alive. This meditation will help you go through the holidays with relaxation, focus, a peaceful heart and a bright spirit. Everyone can do it GUARANTIED!

My wish for you is that you clearly decide, just one time, to engage yourself in doing this meditation for forty days and then decide for yourself based on your experience if you want to pursue or not. You can still embrace and respect your religion. Just try it once. Remember that you are your biggest asset in life.

Click on this link to get this meditation and the guidelines to make it easy on yourself. Let me know how you are doing!

By Tejpal

Tejpal has helped people around the world to experience the life they have imagined. Her approach is energy-based to create fast and lasting shifts that generate authentic fulfillment.

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