Your Beliefs

“Your belief is just a thought you keep thinking.”
Esther Hicks

You can change your beliefs if you choose to do so. First, you need to be aware of your own beliefs deeply rooted within you; you need to be able to listen to your own thinking. For a day, pause often and listen to yourself. Ask yourself the following question: How do I talk to myself throughout the day? Stay focused and authentic. It is going to be tempting to not answer the question and go sideways. If you choose to do this exercise you will get some insights. If you get bored with yourself, it simply means your heart is not open enough to listen.

It is important to know your beliefs as it drives your actions, reactions, and decisions throughout your life. Listen to the belief(s) underneath your thoughts. If I believe I am not lovable, I may keep on giving without any ability to set boundaries. If I believe I can’t lose, I may be an overachiever unable to rest. If I believe I have to be the rock for my family or community, I may never allow myself to be vulnerable and ask for help. If I believe I can’t trust, I may try to control my environment. If I believe anger is dangerous, I may bury that feeling and experience depression. The list goes on.

Second, you need to be willing to be vulnerable to allow the healing process to happen around your own beliefs. This will require some outside help.

Your beliefs can kill or uplift you. Exploring your beliefs is the discipline of self-compassion, the foundation for spiritual and emotional health everywhere on this planet. Start today!

With love,

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By Tejpal

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