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No matter what the purpose is, you will get insights at the spiritual, heart, mental, emotional and physical level.

Every session is based on my ability to use my intuition to read your energy field and connect to the frequency of your soul. Your energy field holds all your experiences beyond this lifetime and carries patterns that give me insights about the true challenges you are facing. Your soul or essence embraces your gifts and your soul longing. This approach allows me to understand quickly what is going on and to focus on the part of you that needs healing. I will at time channel, give you some energy healing, coach you and or give you some yogic practices. Know that at the end of each session you will leave with some specific exercises to practice (breath, meditation, journaling, etc.) to create the life you deeply desire. Each session lasts 50 minutes and is recorded. Fee is $300 for a single session and will go down if you take five sessions.

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