Visiting Human Intelligence

Visiting Human Intelligence

Everything that has a life force holds intelligence. Trees and plants talk to each other, informing their community of what is happening. Animals have the capability to embrace a vast amount of information to take care of their needs. What can we say about human intelligence?

Our intelligence has nothing to do with how much we know, how much power we have over others, or how many degrees or titles we hold. At the core of humanity or any life force, there is an ability to sense and apprehend how we relate to each other. When we do this, we are in a state of openness, flexibility, and adaptability. Intelligence starts in our ability to relate – not to dictate.

When you lose your curiosity, you lose your intelligence. When you claim you hold the truth, you lose your intelligence. When you believe you don’t need anybody, you lose your intelligence. When fear is at the center of your life, you lose your intelligence. When you stay away from taking risks, you lose your intelligence.

You are intelligent when you are engaged, and you allow things to happen. If you are focusing on avoiding mistakes, disappointments, or hurts, you are not intelligent.

Intelligence is not something we have; it is something we practice. For this, our mind has to become sensitive – not directive. Allow fluidity in your life if you want to expand your intelligence and promote life around you everywhere you go!

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By Tejpal

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