If you choose to connect to nature with your senses instead of your mind, you have a chance to be human. If you choose to consider that you are no more or no less than a tree, a flower, a plant, or an animal, you are opening the door to humankind. Every time your mind leads your experience, you create separation; and from there, you create an array of distortions.

Nothing is separate from you, even if your mind tells you so. When you choose to connect to nature not as a conqueror but as a connector, you will be more alive, more peaceful, and more connected to human values.

Your anxiety, anger, or depression comes from your disconnects; and your disconnects happen because you let your mind run your life. We have many opportunities to lose our sanity in the world we are living in. One way to get back to center is literally to get back to our senses. A powerful and simple way to do this is to spend time in nature.

Go to a park, your garden, or imagine you are with nature. Close your eyes to see better and let yourself feel everything throughout your whole body. Feel the smell of the earth, listen to the wind, taste the presence of nature, see from within; be in that place of complete receptivity. From there, notice the pulse of your heart and the pulse of every life force around you; remember your true nature.

Humankind blossoms when you choose to listen from your senses.

With Love Always,

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By Tejpal

Tejpal has helped people around the world to experience the life they have imagined. Her approach is energy-based to create fast and lasting shifts that generate authentic fulfillment.

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