Suffering is Optional

Suffering is Optional

If I ask you to hold your arms up for 62 minutes, you will most likely experience, on and off, some physical pain; yet it does not mean you have to suffer. It seems important to make the distinction between pain and suffering, as the first one is led by the law of the physical plane and the second one is led by your emotional and mental dimensions. For example, you may be living an apparent pain-free life, surrounded by people around you who love you and have a lifestyle many would dream about; yet you may experience a lot of suffering.

Our suffering comes from how we relate to our pain. Our suffering comes from how we hang on tight to something that is not there. We can become more rigid or we can choose to relax and let go. There will be situations where suffering is all we can be, yet we need to remember we can step away from our mental agitation and practice neutrality.

Your mind is teachable, but it has to go to school every day until your last breath. Your mental and emotional dimensions love to mesh into each other and go into a spin that can be extremely difficult to stop. You have to teach your mind not to be emotional and your emotions not to create a story. These two dimensions do not know how to be friends; they are co-dependent. If you live by your mental and emotional dimensions you will experience a lot of suffering. If you call on the wisdom of your heart you will be able to stay engaged in a way that is not reactive; you will be able to find peace.

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By Tejpal

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