Which Planet Are You Living In?

Which Planet Are You Living In?

This past week during one of my workshops a young man who has three children raised his hand and asked me: “How can I be a perfect dad?” I was touched by this beautiful question as I could hear the purity of his intent… Bill wanted to be the best he could be for his kids. Yet I don’t believe we need to be or to follow a role model anymore; we need love.

We don’t need to be driven by perfection we need to be aligned with our heart. It is a different form of discipline that focuses more on listening and receiving than constantly showing the way and telling what is right or wrong. This discipline makes us shift from the ego to the heart.

  • Your ego is driven by perfection; your heart is guided by connection.
  • Your ego convinces; your heart inspires.
  • Your ego strategizes; your heart has insights.
  • Your ego dictates; your heart learns.
  • Your ego avoids pain at any price; your heart connects to your pain and grows.
  • Your ego is driven by fear and threat; your heart trusts.
  • Your ego compares; your heart invites.
  • Your ego anticipates; your heart lives in the moment.
  • Your ego cannot be alone by itself; your heart loves to be with you.
  • Your ego denies what could be uncomfortable; your heart faces everything.
  • Your ego believes in impressing others; your heart believes in truth.
  • Your ego makes you believe you act from the heart; your heart recognizes your ego.

In the time of crisis and uncertainty we are living in, we need to develop our “Thouness”, our ability to stay in the heart where we truly experience a sense of belonging and deep connection. In the heart we stay still, still with our pain, still with our limitations and still with our hopes. What would happen if this planet became stiller?

Choose one of the statements above that speaks to you and decide for 40 days to make that shift. Journal a few minutes a day and first assess your misalignments. Stay compassionate with your miss alignments. You cannot grow if you don’t practice self-love.

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