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What Is The Meaning Of Life


Last week I was asked to write an article with 200 words or less about the following question: “What is the meaning of life?”

And as we keep experiencing lots of crisis’ on this planet I invite you to journal on this question. The more clarity you have about your value system and your presence on earth, the easier it will be to create inner peace. From that place where you don’t react, but you make choices.

Meaning, it is an experience that comes from your heart not from your head. Your head does not experience anything but carries a lot of labels about everything; your heart stays present in the moment and open. When you experience a loss you have more chance to drop in the heart versus when you gain something. When you lose a loved one, your youth, a job, etc. you have an opportunity to sit back and decide what is meaningful and what is not. When you are on the “gain train” without many experiences of losses you are more in your head than in your heart. If you want to know what is the meaning of life go back to the time of loss.

Everyone has to decide for themselves what the meaning of life is. Regardless on how we want to express it on a daily basis, we all need to apply the basic campground rules for planet Earth and the Universe: “Leave this site in a better place than you have found it” and “Leave this planet in a better place than you have found it”.

Raise your vibration and the vibration of the planet daily.

With much love,

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