Where Your Mind Goes….

Where Your Mind Goes….

In this time of great unpredictability, your relationship with yourself is what matters the most.

You have a choice.  You can go in the rabbit hole trying to predict the future and get lost in a plethora of information, or you can pause go within and from that place decide what action you are going to take.

The more you want to know about something that is uncertain, the more confusion you will have. The mind gives you the illusion that if you can control and anticipate everything you are safe. If you follow this path, you will have more anxiety and more fear. And as you know every time you act from anxiety and fear there is a lot of commotion.

There is not a right a wrong answer in an unknown situation but for sure there is what I consider a better way to approach the unknown. 

You are not your mind and therefore you need to create a relationship with your physical body that teaches you to be at peace no matter what. Peace does not start with good wishes or good prayers; peace starts with the ability to go within stay with yourself and pay attention to your sensations and emotions.

There are many spiritual practices that teach you to relate to self by engaging the physical body through breath movements chants or visualization; choose one. You have to create a lifestyle with your physical body at the center, not to look good but to feel good. When you allow your body to be vibrant because of the daily walks you take, the food you prepare, the breathwork you do or the dances you engage into, then your body has antennas to guide you through your life. Your mind is not a guide it is a servant.

When you start to be at the service of your body, you learn the art of setting boundaries, respect, and patience. Your mind does not have any of these skills. Don’t wait, start now.

With much love,

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