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The First Step to Happiness

The First Step to Happiness

Everybody wants to be happy, right? Yet there is so much suffering. We are a society that mainly functions on the polarity of pain and pleasure. We want more pleasure less pain, and the facts speak for themselves: the painkiller market keeps on growing and most commercials about anything focus on pleasure or pain. The thing is, pleasure and happiness don’t belong to the same world: pleasure lives in the world of polarity, happiness does not.

What is then the first step to generate happiness? Your mind believes that more, or everything it wants moment-to-moment is happiness. Most minds do not know what happiness is, as minds are so agitated that it is impossible to match instability with happiness.

Yogi Bhajan and other spiritual teachers have mentioned it over and over; if you want happiness you need to commit. When you commit to anything, you live beyond polarities.

Every time you commit to something nothing is in the way; your life becomes very simple. You don’t allow your mind to question your commitment, you don’t allow the environment to question your commitment and you don’t allow your abilities or lack of to question your commitment.  There is no story, no excuses, just you with you and nothing in between.

Commitment teaches you to be clear, transparent and simple; everything your mind will fight against. When this happens, you transform your mind and you transform yourself at the same time; It is one of the most powerful healing practices because it is the path of non-escape. Only when you don’t escape the adventure begins and you are free. Only when you don’t escape you can experience all of you, your beauty and your shadow and that is where the heart opens: beyond polarities.

Commitment does not guarantee anything and if you are obsessed about any outcomes then you are missing the point. You become driven and forceful which will prevent you to deepen your relationship with your heart.   Commitment is a way to be, not a way to arrive at a destination or achieve anything; it is where you experience your infinite being.

When you choose to be crystal clear in your decision you create consistency and peace; the foundation for your heart to grow and open the door to lasting happiness.

Are you ready?

With love,

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