When You Are Ready, It Is Too Late

When You Are Ready, It Is Too Late

The notion of readiness is often the conversation of your mind. In the yogic tradition, we have three minds: the negative, the positive and the neutral mind. Your positive mind loves to dream and get excited. However, when it is time to take actions toward your dreams, the negative mind kicks in and gives you lots of reasons why it is not the right thing to do.

When I moved from Paris to New York 18 years ago, I was not ready. My English was not good and I did not have a secure income. When I decided to go to a four years healing school, I was not ready. I did not know how to pay for the school and I enrolled two weeks prior to the starting date. When I lead my first leadership program 25 years ago, I am sure I was thinking that I was not ready. I needed more knowledge and more experience.

Who is telling you that you are not ready to do something? Most of the time, it is your negative mind. It takes daily practice to be able to remember that your soul and spirit are way bigger than your mind. Do you want to be aligned with your mind or with your soul? If you choose to be aligned with your mind, it will take forever to make a decision. If you choose to be aligned with your soul, you have the opportunity to create vibrant joy and true meaning in your life.

Does it take courage to leap when you do not have all the information or the guaranties before you make a decision? Yes it does.

When you listen to your soul, you have to do one thing: commit. Once you say yes you need to take the necessary actions that will support what you have said yes too. The strength of your commitment is what will make you successful in what you want in life. It has nothing to do with how much you are ready or not. It is your spirit in action.

Here is my homework assignment for you:

Listen to your inner conversation and notice how often you are postponing a decision that is good for you. Make a distinction between the language of your spirit and the language of your negative mind and then decide what you want to do.

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