Reinventing Relationships: Five Dimensions To Focus On

Reinventing Relationships: Five Dimensions To Focus On

When you start changing how you relate to anything, you drastically transform your life. The true magic always happens in relationship.

What kind of relationships do you want to create this year? Everything in life is about relationship. Buying something in a store, talking to your daughter, managing a project, or relating to others. When you carry inner conversations about who you are and how you feel, you relate to your own self. You also relate to the past, the future, the unknown, etc.

The year of 2013 is a number 6 (simply add 2+1+3), which is the archetype of the “Lovers” in the Tarot tradition. One aspect of this Archetype is about relationship.

Reinventing relationship starts with the Self. How do you want to nurture your Self this year?

Self-nurturance is a holistic process. How do you nurture your Self at the physical, emotional, mental, heart and spiritual level? Each of these levels is necessary to be taking care of if you choose to be vibrant and radiant.

Let’s explore these five dimensions through two different angles:

If you only nurture your Self at the physical level, your life will look like a treadmill…. predictable, boring, driven by will and therefore eventually depressing.

If you only nurture your Self at the emotional level, you are not grounded and too attached to what is going on around you. Your life becomes a rollercoaster.

If you only nurture your Self at the mental level, you isolate yourself and get lost into the world of thoughts. You may end up dreaming your life instead of living your dreams or you may overanalyze everything to a point where you cannot make any decisions.

If you only nurture your Self at the heart level, you don’t know how to set healthy boundaries and you lose your identity.

If you are only nourishing your Self at the spiritual level, you are simply flying in “la-la land”, praying for miracles to happen and you are not able to manifest the life you want in the physical reality.

If you ignore your physical dimension, you cannot access the spiritual world and you cannot develop your intuition.

If you ignore your emotional dimension, you become reactive because you are not paying attention to your needs.

If you ignore your mental body, your ability to learn and grow, slows down.

If you ignore your Heart body, you are deprived of the most important element in life. Your inability to give and receive will create tremendous pain and most likely tremendous distortions in your behavior

If you ignore your spiritual dimension, no matter how much wealth and love you may experience, there is a lack of meaning in your life and you cannot be fully fulfilled.

This year, choose and commit to nurture your five bodies. The inner strength and clarity you will get out of this, is priceless. That is the only way I know you can expand in your business and any kind of relationship.

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