Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I

The world we are living in is unfolding in a unique way: changes occur abruptly, losses happen frequently and the information we receive is more confusing than ever before. We are now part of a new wave, a new era that carries more tensions, threats, and divisions.

To relate to this constant chaos, we have three options. The first two are the most common ones: we either ignore it and live in our bubble or we react to it with anxiety anger or fear. There is a third option that is necessary to adopt if we want to keep a level of inner peace no matter what. Instead of creating a wall or reacting to everything, we need to connect to our authentic self; If not, we will spend more time suffering.

When we realize that every challenge gives us an opportunity to learn and grow, then the time period we are in is definitively a great teacher. The third option invites us to have a new relationship with self and that is the discipline of this century.

You need to commit to self at a new level of authenticity clarity and depth. The deeper the connection the more stable and unshakable you will be in times of great instability. You will then realize that happiness or unhappiness has not much to do with your outside world.  It takes discipline to commit and fall in love with self.

To fall in love with self, don’t put the candles out and your favorite romantic music. Instead, let your ego fall so that you can connect to your beauty and limitations so that you can accept who you are with compassion. 

The most efficient way to fall in love with self is to meditate and commit to it. You may not like it at the beginning: you may have your mind too loud and agitated and you may believe that meditation should feel really good. That is simply false advertising. Meditation does not have to feel good; it teaches you to be with you and aware of your sensations, thoughts, and state of being whether you are agitated or peaceful, depressed or radiant. Meditation teaches you to stay with you no matter how good or bad it feels.

When you decide to stay with your self, something magical happens; your heart opens. When your heart gets stronger you become more lucid neutral and stable. When you realize that commitment and discipline are two essential pillars for the heart then what are you waiting for?

With much love and peace for the holidays season,

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