What do you truly want in life?

What do you truly want in life?

You have heard that question over and over and most of the time you have answered very quickly with some signs of confidence and clarity.

But what do you truly want in life? Do you really know? How much do you believe in what you want? How much do you commit into what you want?

What’s in the way? Where are your doubts, resistance, and fears? How do they show up in your life and how do they manifest in your physical body?

How do you know that what you want is truly what you want?

Anything you want when connected to your truth always uplifts your spirit. Anything you want always makes you a better person. As your spirit gets more vibrant, your whole energy field radiates at a higher frequency of energy. You become more sensitive, more intuitive, more open to the many opportunities available to you. Your ability to attract and manifest increases tremendously.

Remember 90% of who you are is spiritual if we follow the Yogic tradition. Who you are is mainly your spirit and that is the one to listen to.

Simply ask yourself the question when you wonder the value of your wants in life:

Is my energy going up or down? Am I overwhelmed by fear or am I experiencing an inner smile?

Trust your experience and make a distinction between excitement and joy. The first one is reactive and the second one is coming from within. If your vibration does not raise when you connect to what you want, then what you are asking comes from a place of impulsivity or reaction. In this case what you want will never nourish you.

What if you still don’t know?

Some of you may not be able to know if their vibration is raising, most likely because you are stuck into your linear mind trying to figure out if what you want is a good idea. From that place, there is no sense of spirit in your life, no magic.

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