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Living and Dying

Living and Dying

The loss of a loved one always creates tremendous pain; and, for some of us, that pain is still vivid many years later. At the same time, death is part of life; and we have a tendency to look at death as an unfortunate event in our future. What if death was at the core of our life force?

Every time we grow, we die; we allow old parts of us to go. Every time we choose to reinvent ourselves, we die; we release beliefs and attachments. Every time we heal, a part of us is dying to allow new paradigms and new systems to come in. Love is based on death; if we hold tight on what is, if we expect someone to be a certain way, we lose our life force. If we let go, we allow life to unfold.

Your mind does not understand death, but your body does. If you choose to breathe deeper and let your breath take over your mind, you will connect with your true self and you will have an experiential knowing. When death is not only an event but the quality of life, you will find more peace, less desire to control and less anxiety.

When we remember that nothing is forever and that we are guests on earth, we become more present.

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