Lesson from the Universe

Lesson from the Universe

Do we know how to learn? Do we know that the first step in the learning process is to let go? Without letting go, we are not shifting our paradigms, we are not opening to different horizons; we are clinging to the view of what was true for us at some point.

Letting go is the language of the heart. Without a heart, we can’t learn. Learning is a process of curiosity. While your mind loves to solve or create problems; it is your heart that is curious. Your mind likes to win; your heart likes to learn.

The last four months have revealed over and over that we are interconnected. Sometimes we forget the 7.8 Billion human beings are with us. The universe recently, through different forms, is shouting at us: “Wake up! Earth is your home, not the place you live or your circle of family and friends!”

This teaching requires the curiosity of the heart to create a new set of boundaries for our thinking mind and a new set of values. What do you need to let go of to become an earth citizen?

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