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Be Yourself

Be Yourself
I have carried this great conviction for a long time: Everything we need resides inside of us. From this simple belief, a fun project was born:

Shari Gootter and I have written a book called “Way to Be: 40 Insights and Transformative Practices in The Heart of Being”. Shari is a great friend of mine, a therapist, and yoga teacher. She also has extended experience as a facilitator and together, we have held a workshop called “Shift Happens”.

Each of us holds many facets and many forms of expression. In fact, to be vibrant we need to explore and reveal numerous aspects of who we are. When we give ourselves permission to communicate in multiple ways, life becomes an adventure.

Our personal work is to develop our sensitivity and self-awareness to create more harmony within ourselves. “Be yourself” is an invitation to pause and check-in, respecting yourselves and your environment. “Be yourself” is what you signed up for when you came on earth; there is no one to follow or to convince. “Be yourself” is staying open to the constant unfolding of who you are.

We had great joy in writing this concise book. Its purpose is to give you an abundance of insights and practices to help you connect to your own life force, your wisdom, and your joy.

“Way To Be” will be available in July. You can get a sample of our book at

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