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The Ultimate Foundation For Self-Transformation

tree-heartSelf-transformation is an ongoing process necessary if you want to be happy, holy and healthy. It is important to incorporate this dimension in our lives when things are going pretty well instead of when we hit a wall. Our cells renew constantly, why don’t we?

The golden key to self-transformation is Self-Love. But are we ready to look at it closely? Self- Love is by essence a destructive process. We are accepting the fact that we may need to tear apart, deconstruct some of our attachments about life, and let go of who we think we need to be. Self-love is saying yes to life and yes to death; it is a constant rebirthing process.

The biggest block to Self-Love is the intensity of our emotions. Anger, fear, judgments or anxiety to name a few are powerful obstacles to reinvent ourselves.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Paul is extremely creative and in many ways brilliant. Yet he has been unable to make some important shifts in his business because of a major anxiety about separation.
  2. Jina is a very successful lawyer and has been experiencing terror perhaps all her life. It is very difficult to trust and everything in her life feels very stiff. There is a deep lack of joy.

For Paul and Jina, the process to gain Self-Love has to be multidimensional (energy healing, sacred geometry, breath, writing exercises, etc.) to move beyond the emotional block and feel safe enough to make decisions that support their true essence.

It does not have to take years. Paul contacted a lawyer within a week of working together to explore the next steps regarding his business. Jina within a few months was able to embrace her daughter’s dream despite the fact that it did not make sense to her.

If you want to feel complete, at peace and radiant, then this is it! Have you said yes to Self- Love yet? Take a complimentary session with Tejpal.

By Tejpal

Tejpal has helped people around the world to experience the life they have imagined. Her approach is energy-based to create fast and lasting shifts that generate authentic fulfillment.

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