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One Thing You Should Never Compromise In Life

butterflyIn life, we make many compromises. Some of them we are at peace with. For example, the car I bought was not my color of choice, but it was a good deal financially. I sometimes work late to accommodate a client and I am in harmony with this.

At times, the compromises we are making are truly killing us. The following are true stories from my practice (the names have been changed):

  1. Ann has stopped going to her art class because she finishes late at work everyday.
  2. Peter has a new born baby and a second one coming soon. He had let go of his own business and has chosen to work in a company that pays good money but is not a great fit for him.
  3. Ella ‘s husband is a volunteer sport coach for the past 6 years. Ella carries all the financial responsibility of the family since then.
  4. Andrew loves musical theater but has chosen for the past two years to work for a software company.

Four true stories. Four out of these four people are exhausted, depressed, confused and some of them on medication to manage their anxiety. What happened?

They have one thing in common; they have compromised their deepest longing.

Ann is afraid to be rejected and is the only one working late; she has lost her vitality. Peter has been afraid to not make enough money and since he started working for someone else, he has been sick for the past year. Ella is putting on a lot of weight and is terrified to ask her husband to get a paid job as she believes he will leave her. Andrew has created a very structured life that looks successful on the surface but deep inside he feels empty and isolated.

Each time you compromise your deepest desire, you loose your life force. And from there, you create a negative momentum: your mind takes over trying to figure out a way to deal with everything and you get deeper into a black hole.

Why did they give up their desires? Because they did not know how to get there.

When you don’t know how to get somewhere, you listen to your fears instead of listening to your heart and soul. In most cases, you will literally become sick. What you need to focus on is your desire and only the first step to get there. Let go of creating an action plan, it will prevent you from moving forward.

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Tejpal has helped people around the world to experience the life they have imagined. Her approach is energy-based to create fast and lasting shifts that generate authentic fulfillment.

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“At times, the compromises we are making are truly killing us”- Can’t agree more! Compromises in Life definitely lead to destruction which we fail to understand. Many of us have been taught from childhood that compromises are a way of Life. Thank you for this article.

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