Where Your Mind Goes….

Where Your Mind Goes….

In this time of great unpredictability, your relationship with yourself is what matters the most.

You have a choice.  You can go in the rabbit hole trying to predict the future and get lost in a plethora of information, or you can pause go within and from that place decide what action you are going to take.

The more you want to know about something that is uncertain, the more confusion you will have. The mind gives you the illusion that if you can control and anticipate everything you are safe. If you follow this path, you will have more anxiety and more fear. And as you know every time you act from anxiety and fear there is a lot of commotion.

There is not a right a wrong answer in an unknown situation but for sure there is what I consider a better way to approach the unknown. 

You are not your mind and therefore you need to create a relationship with your physical body that teaches you to be at peace no matter what. Peace does not start with good wishes or good prayers; peace starts with the ability to go within stay with yourself and pay attention to your sensations and emotions.

There are many spiritual practices that teach you to relate to self by engaging the physical body through breath movements chants or visualization; choose one. You have to create a lifestyle with your physical body at the center, not to look good but to feel good. When you allow your body to be vibrant because of the daily walks you take, the food you prepare, the breathwork you do or the dances you engage into, then your body has antennas to guide you through your life. Your mind is not a guide it is a servant.

When you start to be at the service of your body, you learn the art of setting boundaries, respect, and patience. Your mind does not have any of these skills. Don’t wait, start now.

With much love,

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Keep The Light On

Our responsibility on earth is to keep our light on no matter what. Whether we fall, we fail, or we hurt, we need to keep the light on. We have to decide that there is no other option.

I am not asking you to pretend that you are happy and ignore any parts of you that need healing. You can feel pain and keep the light on at the same time. We have all witnessed people facing drastic challenges yet smiling and shining.

We will all go through unexpected challenges at times, yet we have to decide clearly and be impeccable in our decision: no wishy-washy behavior, no “I don’t know how to do this,” none of this. You think what I am asking you to be is hard; in fact, it is easier to keep the light on than the other way around.

There is a spiritual warrior within you that needs to be awakened if you want to keep your sanity. You do it for you and others, as we are here to serve each other.

Your lifestyle needs to change. You need to be sure that no matter what you create situations that enhance your light: whether it is what and how you eat, the friends you spend time with, the activities you are involved in or the teachers you choose to learn from.

From your own light, you will not be part of the tsunami of noise; you will find peace the foundation for love. Keep it bright and keep it light!

Peace and love to all and happy holiday season!




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Exploring Transitions

Every day, all day long we are going through constant transitions: waking up, eating, driving, sleeping, reading, watching, playing,….to name a few. And yet how do we transition from one thing to another?

In life we spend a lot of time anticipating and being prepared for any kind of transitions but we don’t spend much time in practicing staying awake and aware during the time of transition. We like to plan as much as we can but …how about the unplanned transitions? Like…getting sick, going through a break up, loosing someone, getting fired, having a loved one getting sick, losing a contract, being in a car accident, etc.

Anticipation is certainly a good thing up to a point. Some of you are only interested in what is next as if your mind always needs something to chew on to prevent feeling boredom, lack of motivation or depression.

A beautiful spiritual practice is staying awake during our time of death, our ultimate transition while we are on earth. As I was participating in a dream yoga workshop a couple of weeks ago that has been a new focus for me.

During that workshop we had a nap everyday and one of the exercises was to mindfully transition to a resting time. I was amazed of how much my mind was all over the place like crazy…laughable at some point…and so I invite you to explore…

When we are able to stay stable with our mind during any time of transition the chaos of life is not going to bring us into neurotic behaviors. The Tibetan have mentioned that if we die unconscious then we will return on earth within 49 days doing the same thing over and over.

Regardless what your spiritual preferences are, staying conscious during any transitions is certainly a beautiful practice. You learn to develop a stable mind so that you can free yourself from listening to the constant rumbling of your thoughts. You can connect to your true essence and from there feel your vastness.

Pick one transition; maybe it is your wake up time or sleeping time…or perhaps it is before and after a meal…or before and after a visit with someone…Be curious…be aware about your thoughts, emotions and sensations….you will first realize how unstable you are but with regular practice you will gain inner clarity and inner peace.

With Love

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