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Four Practices for Lasting Transformation

PupaFrom my 27 years of experience helping many to create a better life for themselves or their organization, I have discovered four main practices that impact  anyone tremendously in creating quick and lasting shifts in their life.

  1. Commit to Joy
    Too often, we are not spending enough time and energy doing things that bring us joy. In fact joy often shows up as an extra quality, a bonus that is certainly wonderful but not really necessary. When you commit to joy, you commit to uplift yourself. Your spirit, the most powerful part of who you are, becomes more vibrant. From there, you create a new foundation for your life where you learn to rely on your intuitive being. When this happens everything starts to shift in your life for the better.
  2. Engage in a Mind-Body-Spirit Practice
    A mind body spirit practice (like yoga, chi-gong, sufi dance, etc.) works on shifting energetically your patterns without going into the stories and drama of your life. It will help you being more grounded and will increase the quality of your presence. Your awareness and sensitivity will expand to help you make choices aligned with your essence and your purpose.
  3. Practice Curiosity Towards Yourself
    Stay curious about your needs, your desires, your fears, your vulnerabilities, your dreams, etc. Being curious does not mean over-analyzing who you are but listening and witnessing all the parts of you. When this happens you become less reactive, less noisy and you will be able to recognize the part you are playing in what you are attracting in life. You will then be able to clearly decide what you want to change.
  4. Experience Energy Healing
    Energy healing works on your energy patterns and their impact at the spiritual, heart, mental, emotional and physical levels. Often information has been lodged deep inside your body and it energy field. When this information is revealed, blocks and belief systems that do not serve you will be released so that you can create the life you truly desire.

You say you want to change some areas of your life? When you engage in these four practices you will succeed attracting the life you truly desire.

By Tejpal

Tejpal has helped people around the world to experience the life they have imagined. Her approach is energy-based to create fast and lasting shifts that generate authentic fulfillment.

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