Boost Your Spirit and…

Boost Your Spirit and...Unleash The Power Of Your Intuition.

No matter what the outcomes are, if you choose to act, think and live from your spirit you will always win in life. Your intuition is the direct conduit between your physical being and your spiritual being. Your Spiritual dimension is your foundation. This is what gives you meaning and happiness in your life; that is what gives you the desire to grow and create a life bigger than your physical reality. Your wisdom and your insights come from your spiritual reality. Your sense of possibilities comes from your spiritual reality.

What would happen if you had all the intuition you ever wanted in life? Who will would you be and what would you do? Allow yourself to dream visualize and write down your answers. I suggest you to do this exercise every day for a minimum of a week; it will drastically open your horizons.

When you don’t listen to your intuition you limit yourself in many ways, for example your self-confidence is constricted, your ability to stay open and serene when you don’t have the answers you wish is limited and your decision making process is much slower and often too complex.

Without intuition in my life (I am not talking about my work), I would likely live in fear city and be much more reactive and negative about life.

My intuition has helped me to uplift my spirit, expand my horizon of possibilities, take risks with clarity, and experience much more inner peace.

What about you?

I have developed a system that will help you shift your relationship with your intuitive gifts. Quite frankly, it is the result of over one hundred workshops that I have led.

This program includes 8 life principles to explore and 26 concrete short practices (exercises) that will truly transform you. Learn more about Tejpals’ program.

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By Tejpal

Tejpal has helped people around the world to experience the life they have imagined. Her approach is energy-based to create fast and lasting shifts that generate authentic fulfillment.

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