What Uplifts Your Spirit? What Activates Your Intuition?

According to the yogic tradition, the mind has the capacity to process thirty trillion of messages per second. It is no wonder we create a constant flow of stories, interpretations and conclusions about everything we experience in our lives.

If we are hopeless we create a bad story and if we are hopeful we create a great story that we believe is true.  Our mind is by nature very powerful and very chatty. It talks all the time and does not really listen to anything. A loud mind prevents us from connecting to our spirit and our intuition.

What can you do to reconnect to your intuition and uplift your spirit? There are two things that will always be extremely effective.

1-    Commit to Joy every day. Commit from your spirit and your heart not from your will. If you commit from your will you are not connected to your feelings and you are most likely not true to yourself. Make the choice that for 40 days you are going to commit to joy. Every morning decide one thing that is going to bring you joy. And please don’t fall in the trap of something that should bring you joy. Be true to yourself.

2-    Clear your energy field. You take a shower and you brush your teeth every day but you don’t clear your energy field. Your energy field is your attraction factor. A bright and clear field will help you manifest what you want and develop your intuition. The following is a Kundalini breath taught by Yogi Bhajan that will help you clear you energy field. It is called “Stress Backpack Meditation”.

Sit in easy pose on the floor or on a chair. Keep your spine straight and relaxed at the same time. Eventually, close your eyes and focus on the third eye. Breathe in through the nose in 8 strokes and breathe out through the nose in one stroke. Start with 3 minutes a day and if you choose you can work you way to 11 minutes a day. Commit to practice this breath for 40 days in a row. It will help you detach from the clutter of your mind, clear your energy field and uplift your spirit.

By Tejpal

Tejpal has helped people around the world to experience the life they have imagined. Her approach is energy-based to create fast and lasting shifts that generate authentic fulfillment.

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