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The Gift of Confusion

The Gift of ConfusionThe major problem with confusion is that you reject it: your linear mind gets agitated like a wild animal in a cage trying to find the exit.

Depending on your personality, you may push through your wall of fog to gain clarity; you may be anxious or depressed.

On my side, I am really happy when you get confused: you now have the opportunity to change your old paradigm; if you are not confused, you are not learning.

At times, you get confused because you are overthinking.

Confusion teaches you the art of listening to all the parts of you, not just your mental dimension.

Confusion also allows you to readjust your tempo: when you are confused, you need to slow down. Often you go the other direction; you get impatient ready to put the foot on the accelerator, desperately looking for an answer.

Some of you often ask me if your confusion is a resistance to change or if it is the necessary stage toward transformation. Most likely, it is both as every time we go through a transition, we experience resistance.

When you realize that the time of confusion is precious, you will be able to drop deeper into yourself to heal and nurture some parts of you that you did not know about. Confusion teaches you to stay present and vigilant, not from a place of fear but a place of curiosity.

If you want deeper peace and connection to your self and others, always allow confusion to be, as it is a great teacher for your mind and healer for your life.

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