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The Art of Relaxation

The Art of RelaxationWhat happens when you choose to relax? You create more space within.

Every time you have more inner space, you are not held into your rigid containment. More space within each thought gives you more flexibility, more peace, and more clarity. More space within each cell gives you more life force.

Now, relaxing can be challenging, particularly if you have run most of your life under pressure. For some of you who have not practiced relaxation, first, you will need to distract yourself and that is not a bad thing. You may play, cook, garden, watch a movie, etc.

The next step of this practice is to relax while doing nothing while being useless. Slow your breath down and to the best of your ability let your breath take over your mind. At first, it may not feel good for a few reasons:

  • You may try to do it right and therefore you focus on what you are doing wrong.
  • You may feel tremendous physical pain or emotional discomfort and you’d rather be moving.
  • You are trying to control your mind which makes your mind crazier and louder.
  • You believe that relaxation has to feel good always.

Relaxing cut the momentum of your mind. Your will does not train your mind, it tries to control it. No healing has been done through control. Let your mind be and focus on your breath and your body. You have been given a physical body, take advantage of it; it is the doorway to your inner freedom.

I have been around the best golfers in the world, the best musicians in the world, and some amazing leaders. How do they reach the top? One aspect is that they know how to relax. When you truly relax, your relationship with time changes: the future does not bite the present and you are not afraid of failures.

Relaxation teaches you to shift from a place of reactivity to a place of creativity. What will it take for each of you to relax even for a few minutes a day regardless of your circumstances?

With Love Always,

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