Taking a Risk

Take a risk

What is a risk for you at the emotional level? For some of you, it may be to feel your feelings, or express them; for others, it may be to feel other people’s feelings around you. What is a risk at the heart level? For some of you, it may be to trust or give space to others to unfold in their unique way; for others, it may be to commit to a partnership or commit to self.

Taking a risk is not about being heroic. Sometimes taking a risk is surrendering to your own limitations and letting go of an old dream that is preventing you from keeping things real.

When you take a risk, you access a deeper sense of self and connect to your inner power and your inner freedom. You learn about who you are and your limitations of the day. Every time we challenge ourselves, fear may come. We can either follow our fears and get stuck in our limited minds, or we can take this opportunity to heal and grow and find ways to center. Without fear, there is no personal growth. The road may feel bumpy or chaotic at times, but growth is not a straight line, it is not a continuum; it is made of shifts and new paradigms.

Keep building your sense of self, keep paying attention to what gives you a sense of calm, stability, and centeredness so you can take a risk in your life.

Taking a risk is the doorway to your personal healing.

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