Quantum Resilience

Quantum ResilienceYou may think I am becoming fancy …. Yet, without diving into the true definition of this concept, can we stay on track no matter what challenges the obstacle course presents? Can we find enough energy and life force to create new systems that support us so that our lives can still be fulfilling despite all?

Quantum resilience invites you to go beyond what you know, beyond what makes sense, and beyond your projection about your future. It invites you to stay relaxed and awake. I understand some of you have a lot on your plate: organizing school for your kids, taking care of an elderly, parenting a child who struggles through life, handling your own addictions, your own worries or boredom, etc. The list does not stop. Yet we are still here.

Step one, reconnect to your own roots to stay connected to your true self, your center. In this process, you have to be with nature, even if it is only through plants and flowers. There are other ways to connect to your roots but simply commit to being with nature for now; you will start to change your breath and the pace of your thoughts.

Step two will come naturally if you do step one; step two is to relax.  In times of chaos, tension never works; it destroys everything.

We are called to use our imagination not to escape, not to foresee the future, but to find ways to constantly stay connected to our center, where quantum resilience lies. Find a way to recharge: dance, sing, draw, garden, cook, help, hold others, breathe, teach, mentor, laugh, …. Every time you give up, you disconnect from your center.

What do you need to start doing and stop doing to create within you your quantum resilience?

With love,

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