Lesson from the Universe

Lesson from the Universe

Do we know how to learn? Do we know that the first step in the learning process is to let go? Without letting go, we are not shifting our paradigms, we are not opening to different horizons; we are clinging to the view of what was true for us at some point.

Letting go is the language of the heart. Without a heart, we can’t learn. Learning is a process of curiosity. While your mind loves to solve or create problems; it is your heart that is curious. Your mind likes to win; your heart likes to learn.

The last four months have revealed over and over that we are interconnected. Sometimes we forget the 7.8 Billion human beings are with us. The universe recently, through different forms, is shouting at us: “Wake up! Earth is your home, not the place you live or your circle of family and friends!”

This teaching requires the curiosity of the heart to create a new set of boundaries for our thinking mind and a new set of values. What do you need to let go of to become an earth citizen?

With Love,

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Universal Consciousness

Universal Consciousness

We all have the ability to experience Universal Consciousness. We all have the ability to feel a sense of oneness where we feel connected to everything else. For some of us, it happens during a meditation, a walk outside, a gathering with loved ones, an art expression, or some other way unique to you. Universal consciousness is not given to just a few that have studied spiritual teachings; it is available to everyone moment to moment.

We live in a time where we have to take care of our inner-self first. If we don’t, we will not be able to experience oneness, and our life will be self-centered. When we disconnect from everything else, we open the door to deep suffering.

This whole universe has always been part of you; feel it to develop inner peace and open your heart.

With love,

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Before We Speak

Before we speak

Before we speak, can we hear ourselves? Is the noise within us so loud that we get lost?

Before we act, can we feel ourselves? Can we feel our whole self beyond the predominant feeling of the moment?

Every time we can’t see the whole picture of who we are, we create destruction around us. This is our discipline: listening to our whole self, not focusing on the pain, or the excitement of the day.

Every time you listen, you create space. Space is the seed for life on earth. Insanity unfolds when there is no space, no ability to connect to ourselves.

Before we speak, let’s hear our full selves with all our senses.

This month, I will be teaching weekly Kundalini breath and meditation classes (30 minutes) via zoom. Sessions will be recorded if you are not available at that time.

Breath/Meditation Classes are $44 for 4 classes, Wednesday at 9 am Pacific Time.

If you are interested email me at tejpal@tejpal-inspires.com. I will send you a PayPal link and once you have paid you will receive your zoom class information.

I hope you will join me.

Love, Peace, and Health to All,

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Your Radiance

Your fears radiate, your heart holds radiance. Your fears spread like fire on dry land and your heart beams and glows without threatening anyone. Your fears kill any life force and your heart heals. Your fears create separation and your heart deepens connections.

If you want to heal and bring healing to this world, instead of contracting to expand and connect. Now, we don’t need to be physically together to create a depth of connection: our heart connects beyond space and time.

Our fears feed every distortion and every virus on earth; we need to choose to be radiant and stay with the power of our heart. One way to enhance the heart is to sing or chant. You don’t have to be a good singer to do so, just know your sound current heals yourself and others.

There is a chant in the Kundalini Yoga tradition that has been suggested at this time of great chaos. It is: Ang Sang Wahe Guru. These mantra-like most mantras is not meant to be understood but experienced. Yet, a simple definition could be We are one; we are part of the infinite universe and the infinite universe is present in every molecule of our being.  

We are one is the mantra of the heart. The mind does not know oneness, it only knows one from an ego point of view: me versus you. There are many versions of this chant; one of my favorites is the following:

Repeat this mantra for a minimum of 25 times per day and simply notice how you feel after this experience.

Love, peace, and health to all.

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In the weeks and perhaps months to come, I will communicate more often. Not because I want to sell stuff but because I love to teach and share my insights and hope I can help you. If you want to work with me, you know what to do.  If your financial situation is currently fragile, I will adapt my fees to the best of my abilities or do half time sessions to suit your needs. Contact me at tejpal@tejpal-inspires.com

Where Your Mind Goes….

Where Your Mind Goes….

In this time of great unpredictability, your relationship with yourself is what matters the most.

You have a choice.  You can go in the rabbit hole trying to predict the future and get lost in a plethora of information, or you can pause go within and from that place decide what action you are going to take.

The more you want to know about something that is uncertain, the more confusion you will have. The mind gives you the illusion that if you can control and anticipate everything you are safe. If you follow this path, you will have more anxiety and more fear. And as you know every time you act from anxiety and fear there is a lot of commotion.

There is not a right a wrong answer in an unknown situation but for sure there is what I consider a better way to approach the unknown. 

You are not your mind and therefore you need to create a relationship with your physical body that teaches you to be at peace no matter what. Peace does not start with good wishes or good prayers; peace starts with the ability to go within stay with yourself and pay attention to your sensations and emotions.

There are many spiritual practices that teach you to relate to self by engaging the physical body through breath movements chants or visualization; choose one. You have to create a lifestyle with your physical body at the center, not to look good but to feel good. When you allow your body to be vibrant because of the daily walks you take, the food you prepare, the breathwork you do or the dances you engage into, then your body has antennas to guide you through your life. Your mind is not a guide it is a servant.

When you start to be at the service of your body, you learn the art of setting boundaries, respect, and patience. Your mind does not have any of these skills. Don’t wait, start now.

With much love,

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Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I

The world we are living in is unfolding in a unique way: changes occur abruptly, losses happen frequently and the information we receive is more confusing than ever before. We are now part of a new wave, a new era that carries more tensions, threats, and divisions.

To relate to this constant chaos, we have three options. The first two are the most common ones: we either ignore it and live in our bubble or we react to it with anxiety anger or fear. There is a third option that is necessary to adopt if we want to keep a level of inner peace no matter what. Instead of creating a wall or reacting to everything, we need to connect to our authentic self; If not, we will spend more time suffering.

When we realize that every challenge gives us an opportunity to learn and grow, then the time period we are in is definitively a great teacher. The third option invites us to have a new relationship with self and that is the discipline of this century.

You need to commit to self at a new level of authenticity clarity and depth. The deeper the connection the more stable and unshakable you will be in times of great instability. You will then realize that happiness or unhappiness has not much to do with your outside world.  It takes discipline to commit and fall in love with self.

To fall in love with self, don’t put the candles out and your favorite romantic music. Instead, let your ego fall so that you can connect to your beauty and limitations so that you can accept who you are with compassion. 

The most efficient way to fall in love with self is to meditate and commit to it. You may not like it at the beginning: you may have your mind too loud and agitated and you may believe that meditation should feel really good. That is simply false advertising. Meditation does not have to feel good; it teaches you to be with you and aware of your sensations, thoughts, and state of being whether you are agitated or peaceful, depressed or radiant. Meditation teaches you to stay with you no matter how good or bad it feels.

When you decide to stay with your self, something magical happens; your heart opens. When your heart gets stronger you become more lucid neutral and stable. When you realize that commitment and discipline are two essential pillars for the heart then what are you waiting for?

With much love and peace for the holidays season,

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You and Your Mind

“It (your mind) is so dangerous that you can do things that are delusional, imaginative and unintentional. And equally, it is so beneficial that you can create things that can be miracles.” Yogi Bhajan

You already know this: your relationship with your mind can generate great joy or great turmoil. Your relationship with your mind can create peace or anxiety, serenity or depression, stability or agitation.

The biggest problem is that you think you are your mind: every time your mind goes somewhere you go with it. When this happens, your mind owns you and from there you will develop a series of distorted behaviors that mirrors the patterns of your mind; the cycle never stops. When you follow your mind, you don’t know what the roots of your pain are, (as your mind will give you a good story about all your insecurities), and you can’t never heal.

The second important challenge is that you ask your mind for clarity. Your mind, if it leads your life, will always bring confusion. When you desperately look for answers, you disconnect from your true essence and eventually you don’t even know what you were looking for; you are now looking for answers to questions you don’t have.

When we realize how silly we can be with our own mind, then we have a chance to center and remember who we truly are and what needs healing. To create space between you and your mind you need a particular lifestyle that is unique for each of you. Of course, I can help you if you wish.

When you relate to your mind as a system of integration and synchronization instead of a chief in command, when you relate to your mind as a sensory system instead of an authority figure telling you what to do, then you can access everything known and unknown with peace and clarity.

With much love,

Be Uncertain

Be Uncertain

In our culture, we don’t really know how to welcome uncertainty. Our economic model is based on predictability, and at a personal level, we often get excited to see a psychic who can give us information about our future. But let’s face it, are we really feeling that good about certainty?

Our mind feels threaten when uncertainty occurs, and it creates a deep level of insecurity within us. If we could only drop into our physical experience, deep enough to be able to connect to the core of who we are, we would realize that uncertainty is simply being. We would understand that uncertainty is at the center of our identity.

If we stay stuck into our finite social identity, we will never understand what uncertainty truly is. We then use our will and positive thinking to believe that uncertainty is great, but within us, there is tension and fear.

If you connect deep enough within yourself, uncertainty becomes awareness and presence moment to moment. If you drop deep enough into your inner experience at the cellular level, you will experience your infinite self. This may seem a contradiction, but the more you are connected to your physical experience the more spiritual you can be. From there everything is by essence uncertain. One breath at a time, and if you stay there, you will experience the depth of the universe between each heartbeat.

Without any connection to your spiritual self, uncertainty is something you will try to avoid at any price. Your linear mind makes you think that anxiety is fed by uncertainty; in fact, anxiety is led by addiction to certainty. When you realize that knowing from the linear mind is not all we are then you can embrace the constant chaos of life.

We have to train our way of thinking to be able to welcome uncertainty. Instead of pushing uncertainty away, choose to embrace it to experience wholeness within.

With Love,

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Be Cool

If you are in your teens, you know that being cool means having the right look, the right social media platform or the right hobby. In brief, if you are cool, you are in. If you are a hippie dude from the seventies, being cool means that you are laid-back, you don’t sweat the small stuff, and you take it easy.

Now if you don’t fall into these two categories what am I talking about? I am talking about your ability to stay peaceful and still inside no matter what.

If we listen to the yogis, we are made of five gross elements: earth, water, fire, air, and ether. Each element plays a role in our system and has a unique set of qualities. The balance of these five elements supports our health and happiness.

The energy of fire is necessary to digest and process food. It also feeds our courage, passion and allows anger to be expressed.  It helps us to be focused and resilient. Yet, too much fire in our life is extremely consuming: everything becomes a source of irritation, anger or anxiety.

If you live mainly on the energy of fire, you may have a lot of energy, but you consume a lot as well. Chances are you end up being at the center of everything which does not serve you and the people around you: your impatience and reactivity are too loud.

Practicing being cool is choosing to stay away from yelling and screaming as an ongoing communication style; it is choosing to step back instead of jumping in, it is being considerate of the impact of your words, thoughts and actions for yourself and the people around you. 

Being cool is not pretending that everything is great. There is no need to wear a mask or the emoji sunglasses 😎; we want you to be true to yourself and still feel a wide range of emotions.

After an intense physical exercise, cooling down helps you to relax and recover faster. The same applies in life if you get caught into unnecessary heated conversations remember to cool down so that you can move on quicker.

With Love

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The Purpose of Discipline

The Purpose of Discipline

What is the purpose of discipline? Is it about achievement? If discipline is outcome driven, you will never be at peace or content. You will always run after the next challenge, and often the results you are chasing will own you. At that moment you disconnect with your true infinite self and you are trapped into the finite.

The purpose of discipline is not about keeping your body fat at 20% or less, not eating your vegetables or sleeping the right amount of time; the purpose of discipline is to live beyond the polarity of your emotions. If you get stuck into the world of emotions, you will go through highs and lows, excitement and depression, addiction and reaction, seduction and rejection; in brief you will not access the wisdom of the heart and its stability. Emotions are wonderful when they are part of a whole spectrum of life not when they take over you.

When you go beyond the polarity or your emotions you are free; you can access the clarity and neutrality of the heart. From there you have direct experience with your infinite self; it is not a concept anymore it is palpable.

When you remember that discipline is about staying connected with your infinite self, then your discipline does not become a chore, then you don’t identify yourself with your accomplishments or failures, then you realize that discipline is simply the path to happiness.

With much love,

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Keep The Light On

Our responsibility on earth is to keep our light on no matter what. Whether we fall, we fail, or we hurt, we need to keep the light on. We have to decide that there is no other option.

I am not asking you to pretend that you are happy and ignore any parts of you that need healing. You can feel pain and keep the light on at the same time. We have all witnessed people facing drastic challenges yet smiling and shining.

We will all go through unexpected challenges at times, yet we have to decide clearly and be impeccable in our decision: no wishy-washy behavior, no “I don’t know how to do this,” none of this. You think what I am asking you to be is hard; in fact, it is easier to keep the light on than the other way around.

There is a spiritual warrior within you that needs to be awakened if you want to keep your sanity. You do it for you and others, as we are here to serve each other.

Your lifestyle needs to change. You need to be sure that no matter what you create situations that enhance your light: whether it is what and how you eat, the friends you spend time with, the activities you are involved in or the teachers you choose to learn from.

From your own light, you will not be part of the tsunami of noise; you will find peace the foundation for love. Keep it bright and keep it light!

Peace and love to all and happy holiday season!




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Be Empty

Feeling empty usually has a negative connotation. It means that we are depressed or exhausted and that our ability to bounce back is gone. The tradition we are living in does not promote the art of emptiness. If we choose emptiness, we buy less, and our economic model cringes.

Every time we celebrate, we usually create a notion of abundance by providing too much. Too much food, wine, gifts and we leave the table full, which creates within us apathy.

We live in a country where obesity is a significant problem. In 2016, 40% of adults and 30% of children were obese. We live in a country where we die by overeating. To be alive, unique and vibrant we need to practice emptiness.

If your physical body is constantly full, it cannot do its necessary cleansing; your energy goes down, and your ability to focus is damaged. Now think about your breath: if you are full, you cannot breathe deeply. When you don’t breathe deeply, you can get into many kinds of trouble: addiction, depression or anxiety to name a few. To inhale you need to be empty; to take in, you need to be empty. A spacious body will help you have an open mind.

Beyond the physical body, pay attention to how you live; clear your space. Space is the foundation for your creativity and imagination to blossom. When your surrounding does not distract you, you are more in touch with who you are.

The heart by nature cannot be too full; simply because love is space, love is flow; love is about sharing.

In business, if you are too busy, that means that you are good at what you do. We never promote space for nothingness even though it may be the only way you can see what is going on. Without space, it is hard to set priorities and truly reinvent the business if necessary.

Practice emptiness; you will realize that nothing is missing or lacking. Instead, you are creating the opportunity to feel your self fully, grow and open up to new possibilities and new meanings in your life.

With much love,

Be Connected

In the world we are living in, unplugging seems the thing to do as we can easily get overwhelmed with the number of threats, crisis’s and catastrophes. Staying away from the news and the noise is tempting and at times necessary.

Yet, being connected and aware of what is happening on this planet is our human responsibility. We need to learn to be with the chaos and any crisis that occurs without drifting away. We need to stay rooted and not sink in despair but stand up or sit still in the middle of the storm.

Decide how much information you can digest without being lost, depressed or agitated. Yet don’t hide. If a hurricane destroys a part of this country, feel it. If a culture is getting threaten and bombed, feel it; if injustice happens, feel it. Feel it and keep your light on; there is no need to add to any destruction already happening on earth, there is no need to bring more drama.

Our responsibility to stay connected and stable inside requires each of us to have a mind-body-spirit practice. Any breath practices that will engage your belly are always great options. To name a few, breath of fire or any pumping breath will create a solid foundation.

The time is not to hide and separate, the time is to connect. When we connect, new strengths, new visions, new skills, and new energy appear. The magic of this era lies in the quality depth and authenticity of our relationships. Let’s decide to extend ourselves and reach out further; let’s decide to go deeper.

With much love,

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Shift Happens

Workshop Jan.17-Jan 20 2019; Miraval Resort Tucson Arizona
With Tejpal MA, MBA and Shari Gootter MA, LPC

Hear it at many levels.
When shit truly happens in your life you may shut down, go into blame, anxiety, guilt, depression, victimhood, etc. In other words, you are stuck. Before you know it, you are trapped by uncomfortable emotions and an agitated mind that desperately tries to find a way out.

When shit happens it is time to shift. Instead of using your survival skills to get out of your unwanted situation, you need to completely reinvent how you relate to everything.

This “Shift Happens” workshop is the promise that no one has to get stuck no matter your circumstances. Shari and I are really committed to support each of you in this process. We both have experienced the shit and the shift.

Shari has dealt with J.R.A. at a very young age. When she was two years old, moving was a great challenge. Eventually, she ended up losing her sight. She also lost her brother abruptly. Today, Shari lives her life fully: she is a yoga instructor a leadership facilitator and a therapist. Her life is filled with many interests, many friends and a life partner.

I had my share of existential pain. For the first 33 years of my life, I simply wanted to commit suicide. After lots of therapy, healing, a few name changes, a new citizenship and a radical turn in my career, I am now at peace with myself and grateful about my life.

If you want to expand your horizon of possibilities and “unstuck”, if you want to feel free and alive, if you want to experience a deeper sense of meaning and gratefulness, then join us.

We are not telling you that this workshop is the answer to all of your problems, yet we are holding the space for you so that you can create deep healing and relate to this world in a new meaningful and loving way.

Are you ready?

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With much love,

“Vibrate The Cosmos And The Cosmos Shall Clear The Path” (Yogi Bhajan)

Today you may be at a crossroad in your life and seeking guidance.

The problem is, the more you aim for clarity, the more you use your linear mind and at times over-analyze everything. The results are greater confusion, more doubts, and worries.

My invitation to you is to look at any situation that you are in from a different perspective.

Instead of engaging your analytical mind, pay attention to your attention. Choose where and what you decide to focus on.

Instead of focusing on your problem, “Vibrate The Cosmos,” stay open and receptive; don’t go anywhere, don’t solve anything; receive and experience any problem throughout your whole body. Stay curious and tune in, be sensitive to your whole being. Surrender, let the cosmos in, let anything in, drop your walls and create intimacy with your environment.

When this happens, everything flows. At that moment you are not pushing, using your will or forcing an outcome, you are open and willing to learn.

To create this drastic shift, start practicing with elements of nature. Experience in your whole body, a tree, a plant, a flower, a cloud, invite them, be curious and sensitive to their essence …practice every day and then you may develop your ability to dance with the cosmos.

Are you ready to create more flow in your life?

With much love,




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The Best Medicine On Earth

I know… most of you would say that the best medicine on earth is Love. In many ways I support this statement: when one lives in the heart center there is a level of stillness awareness and presence that create a wonderful foundation for healing. Yet too often love is often confused with emotions, attachments and or loving something or someone …and so I have decided to look at something else…your breath.

When you are short of wisdom, breathe.” Guru Nanak

We have a tendency to breathe between 16 and 20 times a minute with a shallow breath that does not give enough oxygen to the blood. A sweet tooth comes from a lack of oxygen in the brain. Lots of diseases are created and enhanced with shallow breathing. If you breathe eight times a minute you will become calmer. If you breathe four times a minute you are more aware, more intuitive and more in tune with the cosmic intelligence. You can go with the infinite flow instead of constantly fighting or worrying.

Your breath is directly connected to how you think and how you feel. A negative thought or action will make you breathe three times faster.

The way you attract people, the way you manifest is directly connected to your Aura, which is greatly impacted by the quality of your breath. In brief, your radiance depends on your breath.

Your intelligence has nothing to do with how many brain cells or degrees you have; your intelligence is based on the capacity of your breath. Choose to practice conscious breathing every day; it will transform everything within you and around you.

The following is a breath you can practice at least three minutes a day:

  1. Seated on a chair or in an easy pose on the floor.
  2. Eventually, close your eyes and focus on your third eye.
  3. Put each hand in Gyan Mudra (index and thumb together) on your knee.
  4. Inhale through the nose, hold the breath in and as you hold the breath in mentally vibrate the mantra three times: “I am light, I am I am.”
  5. Exhale through the nose, hold the breath out and as you hold the breath out repeat the same mantra in your head three times.
  6. End with a deep breath in, hold the breath in and apply Root Lock (squeeze sex organ, rectum, and navel) to seal and integrate the benefits of your breath.

Much love to all,

The Lesson Plan

What are you choosing to learn this year? How do you want to express yourself? What are your biggest challenges?

I came on earth with a very strong mind. At a very young age I was aware of people’s patterns and behaviors. I never was lost into the fairy tale of childhood; at time I wished. I was judging, observing and fearing the many distortions around me. Yet with this strong mind of mine, my heart was underdeveloped. Terrified to be loved, terrified to ask or need anything, I chose isolation and pride.

When the mind is not connected to the heart center, the mind divides and reacts. Fuelled by emotions instead of compassion the mind is too loud or too quiet, opinionated and never at peace.

I used to be a quiet kid, unhappy, unfulfilled, and the few times I spoke up I was too negative. At five or six years old my negative expression felt like poison to myself. At that age, I really wanted to be wise stable and compassionate; the gap was painful to experience.

In the time we are living in, we can choose to get lost in the flow of insanities out there and point the finger at the others or we can choose to go within, look at our own distortions and practice forgiveness to self.

In this lifetime, the heart is my great teacher. The heart is not fluffy, nice or soft; the heart is real in a beautiful neutral way. It invites me to stay stable, present and awake with compassion.

If you want to serve in any kind of way you absolutely need a daily practice that invites you to go within and really look without a story, without blame. You need to have a practice that really observes with compassionate stillness. When that is in place, decide how you can be of service as the options are endless.

With much love,

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How Do You Bounce Back In Your Life?

As I am looking at my own life, the lives of my clients and the on going tragedies that are happening in this world, I am asking the following question…How do we bounce back from a physical illness, the loss of a loved one, the destruction of a home, a complete lack of meaning in life or a sense of deep isolation? What are our options?

One of the most potent medicines in bouncing back is to create meaningful connections. You may or may not know how to create authentic relationships, how to ask for help, how to be real in your deepest places of despair, or how to trust the people around you…. Regardless, reaching out is certainly a key element in finding yourself again.

There is another component that I would like to emphasize today; I call it the Art of Falling.  In order to bounce back you need to know how to fall. If you are too rigid when you fall you will hurt yourself; if you don’t let go you will break parts of your body. You need to allow yourself to touch the bottom; like playing on a trampoline you can ‘t bounce back if you don’t touch the bottom.

When you really fall you are able to experience a sacred space where the swirl of emotions does not overwhelm you anymore; you become stable and lucid, there is nothing more to loose.

The mind does not know how to fall; the mind wants to be safe. The heart knows how to fall simply because the heart is not driven by fear or the future. The mind on its own has a distorted relationship with pain…either it runs away from it or it is addicted to it.

How deeply can you let yourself fall? How deeply can you feel your own pain, despair, anxiety or loss? If you go deep your will heal yourself and the pain will shift to a more spacious and sacred experience.

What do you do to avoid falling? Do you make yourself busier? Do you abuse your body? Do you blame your circumstances? What do you do? Learn to fall if you want to bounce back. Learn to fall if you want to grow and experience peace in your life.

With much love and gratitude for being part of my life, I wish you a great holidays season.


When I invite my clients or students to do a daily spiritual practice, very few end up really doing it. I have heard many stories…stuff gets in the way…kids, work, health, family crisis, etc.

The real truth is that most of you are bored with yourself…yup…most of you are like a little kid that needs to be distracted every so often. And because it is so easy to get distracted these days you get bored even faster. Now you are not the only one! I can relate now and then!

If we get bored with ourselves so easily…then our life is going to be full of distractions, attachments and we will go through a constant emotional rollercoaster. The one thing we need to do is to fall in love with ourselves again and that is a discipline.

Loving yourself is not about liking yourself. Loving yourself is about embracing all of who you are, your light and your shadow. It is about accepting with kindness, your beauty and your limitations. Loving yourself is a practice that helps you to stay away from the polarity of the positive and negative minds.

The most efficient way to get there is to have a daily spiritual practice. As you do it you go beyond pain or pleasure, you become less reactive and impulsive. You have a chance to experience inner stillness and from that place you can see clearly and make life choices that are truly meaningful to you.

There are many kinds of spiritual practices. Today I am offering you a meditation from the Kundalini tradition that will balance your nervous system, create stability and bring you serenity. Do it with me for 40 days in a row and let me know how you are doing!

Open Your Sky

In my practice I notice that most people spend lots of time listening to their thoughts instead of listening to their experience. That pattern is the same when it comes to listening to others. If you are thoughts focused you create lots of pollution in your system. When you pay attention to your experience you nourish yourself. That is the essence of self-love.

Many of you are amazing achievers. Your accomplishments are often outstanding yet your self-care and self-love are lacking. You have used your will and your brilliance in a limited way…and my wish is that you choose to open your sky.

When you choose to listen to your experience your life opens up to unknown possibilities. Are you courageous enough to love yourself? Now…I am not talking of the love and peace movement of the 70s or romantic love; I am talking about love, the ultimate form of commitment, the ultimate discipline that will expand your awareness and intuition.

This discipline goes way deeper than a discipline that comes from your will. I have experienced both and I know the difference.

In my mid 30s and early 40s I was will driven. I ran the NY Marathon (and I never liked running), road bike races and played in golf tournaments. Everything was outcome-driven. Each time I won I felt empty, sick and dry inside. When I did not win I had to focus on the next event.

Self-love has a different flavor. You are curious, sensitive to what is and stay with any type of discomfort. From that ever-changing place of yours you listen and you create your day.

When you choose to connect to your essence there can be pain but no drama. There can be joy but no frantic excitement. You dramatically enhance your awareness and make decisions aligned with your true essence.

Are you ready to open your sky?

With much love and healing,

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