What’s Next?

What's NextOur mind likes to hang out in the “What’s Next Land” and it makes us believe that if we can answer that question we are good to go; we are safe, smart and we know! Happiness is just around the corner… Hmmm.

When I was managing an international team of consultants specializing in leadership development in Paris 20 years ago I thought I was so smart because I could define what’s next before anyone else. Yet, I also remember the level of anxiety and internal pressure I experienced everyday.

Today I work with courageous women (a few men too!) who want to redesign their life around their soul mission. They love to move forward and inevitably I will hear, “Once I do this then what?” I understand the anxiety, the will to commit and change. Yet if I had a plan for everyone ahead of time no transformation will happen.

We have forgotten the ways of the ancient spiritual masters’ teachings. Student’s had no clue what would happen to them and how long they would keep on doing the same thing. They simply trusted their master and had faith.

I am not a spiritual master but one thing I know is that nothing will replace your experience. Your experience does not lie in the knowing, your experience lies in the Being. You need to be in your physical, emotional, spiritual and heart experience. Your mind has to come last not first. It is only through your experience that insights will emerge, wisdom will appear and shifts will be created. Change never happens in your head.

Shifting from what is next to diving into the now of your experience requires help. We cannot change on our own. What you will get is a great sense of clarity and inner peace , a developed intuitive self and an ability to be radiant and vibrant. In brief the benefits are endless.

So when you catch yourself wondering what is next take a breath and smile at yourself.

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Beyond Achievement

With every achievement comes equal boredom. (…). In fact, achievement is boredom. Yogi Bhajan

 Most of us have been raised with goal setting, and all the technology that goes with it. I have developed a negative reaction to this approach and feel constricted, limited and under pressure each time I hear that goal setting is the foundation for success.

I would like to offer a different formula. Commit to vibrant living to experience a life that is much bigger than yourself and your imagination.

Goal setting anchors you into your linear mind, vibrant living reminds you the strength of your spirit. What do you choose, your mind or your spirit?

Yogis have said that 90% of who you are  is spiritual. Why are you putting so much effort on the 10%?

I don’t live in la-la land and I do appreciate financial abundance but first you need to trust the brilliance of your spirit and develop your intuitive skills to be at ease with your physical and spiritual reality. Being able to hold both dimensions will propel your ability to manifest moment to moment.

If I Had A Magic Wand

If I Had A Magic WandOne Secret Teaching to Creating Vibrant Living

If I had a magic wand, I may first do more healing retreats as a participant, get more spa treatments, have a beautiful and simple house by the water, do some artistic workshops…and then what?

My soul would be kicking and screaming inside of me to get up and get going and share my life purpose which is to help ambitious women redesign their life around their soul mission.

When you design your life around your soul mission you take the risk to be happy. It is way easier and safer to be miserable and in pain than being happy and vibrant.

Choosing happiness requires one thing: Commit.

When you hear the word commit some of you may contract, shut down or run away. The common associations with the actions of commitment are lack of freedom, too much pressure, and fear of failure.

In fact commitment is your doorway to your freedom, your radiance and your true joy. The following are four main reasons:

  1. When you commit to something, there is a level of clarity and direction in your energy field that creates intensity and flow for manifestation at the physical level to happen.
  2. When you commit, you decide and go after what you want no matter what your environment is saying or doing. You don’t get impacted with the drama of the world, which will create doubts confusion and fear. Your environment is not running your life.
  3. When you commit, you anchor into the physical reality. If not you are dreaming your life and not living your dream.
  4. It is only through commitment that you can learn, grow and expand.

You can choose to wish creating a happy life and hopping magic to happen, or you can decide to commit to your soul longing and simply realizing that you are the magic wand….

What do you choose?

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Who Runs Your Life? One Formula To Fulfill Your Purpose.

There are 2 important elements in your life that prevent you from living your purpose.


1- Your Perceived Negative Emotions

Negative emotions are fear, anxiety, sadness, terror, anger, rage, jalousie, resentment and vulnerability to name a few. When you spent energy avoiding experiencing a specific emotion you disconnect from your life purpose.

If you are terrified of anger, you may design a life that seems peaceful. Yet by not expressing your anger and shutting down, you may never create the necessary changes toward a vibrant life.


2- Your Perceived Negative Behaviors

Negative behaviors can be judging, rejecting others, comparing, lying, manipulating, etc.

If you are terrified of being rejected you will most likely design a life where you give too much and where you don’t speak your truth or set healthy boundaries.

If you are afraid of depression, you may design a life that is full of activities where rest can’t happen.


The emotion or the behavior that you are trying to avoid in your life simply run the show and become the foundation of your life design. You give them full power and can’t access your truth.

Remember that you are not your emotions or your behavior. You are much bigger. You are a spirit, a source of energy.

Write down the one emotion or the one behavior that you are avoiding and journal about that particular emotion or behavior, 5 minutes a day for 40 day. You will learn to accept this part of you, reclaim your essence and fulfill your purpose.


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Redesign Your Life Around Your Soul Mission


We came on earth with a specific mission . Too many of us don’t really know what that is and go through life missing the biggest opportunity they have to experience real passion and authentic joy.

There are two main behaviors that prevent you to be curious about your soul longing.

1- You design your life around your talent

The environment you are born in often promotes short-term outcomes. You then focus on what you are good at and build a life around your skills instead of focusing on what brings you joy. Your talents become the foundation for everything but will only create a rush of satisfaction that will not last. You may become very successful at what you do and feel empty at the same time.

2- You design your life around your ideal identity

Too often your identity has become more important than your purpose. But truly, who are you? You are not your story, not your belief system, not your dreams or your despairs, not your social identity, not your credentials, not your successes or your failures.

When we are willing to go beyond the outcomes of our actions to define who we are, we have a chance to really be. The problem is that we get attached to who we think we are and we try to fit into that identity.

Redesigning your life around your soul mission means choosing to connect to your true essence instead of listening to your stories. You may decide to be distracted by your mind or you may decide to be fed by your spirit. Which one do you choose?

If you choose the path of your spirit, the following is an exercise for you to do.

Take a piece of paper and draw a big circle in the middle with 5 smaller circles on the outside. Write in each smaller circle one of these five qualities: Energy, Gratefulness, Inner-Peace, Joy and Compassion. Write down in the big circle anything that give you the opportunity to experience these 5 qualities. You may go back to this diagram for a week or for a month. It is the doorway to feed you soul and the first step to redesign your life around your soul mission.

With Joy 🙂