Four Benefits to Live in the Heart

Four Benefits to Live in the Heart

We all know that the heart is the path of choice if we want to truly experience happiness in our lives. Yet we all need to be constantly reminded about its beauty, power and wisdom.

I would like to focus on four main benefits:

1. Your heart helps you live intuitively.

In the field of energy it has been said that your heart chakra is the bridge between your spiritual and physical reality. It is the entity that helps you connect with your spiritual self and creates oneness between your spiritual and physical reality.  Your heart is, by essence, intuitive. When you live intuitively, things in your life are simpler, clearer, and you are able to focus on what is really important for you.

2. Your heart is a master healer.

Your heart is the organ in the body that has the biggest energy field. A vast energy field is able to generate momentum for clearing and creating deep shifts. The process of healing is multidimensional, holistic and organic. It requires the ability to be in the now which is the foundation of the heart.

3. Your heart helps you reinvent yourself.

Every breath gives you an opportunity to renew and create a new life. You cannot reinvent yourself from what you know, you can only reinvent yourself if you choose to be in the moment, in the unknown; where your heart lies.

4. Your heart creates happiness.

An open heart does not resist, shut down, react, assume, judge, compare, or hide. An open heart embraces, receives, welcomes, accepts, reaches out, uplifts heals, forgives and inspires…to name a few. When you experience these states of being, you experience happiness, openness and serenity at a new level of depth.

Choose to live in your heart. Trust its inner knowing and expand from there. The guidance you receive will help you stay stable within yourself no matter what is happening in your life.

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Catch and Release: The Path To Vibrant Living

Catch and Release: The Path To Vibrant Living

For many years I was experiencing a lot of fear and I didn’t even know it. It was only when I started to do personal work in my early thirties that I realized how much fear I had. Due to that fear, I was tense all the time, always obsessed with outcomes, always projecting into the future. This constant stage of alertness and tension were creating great results but the suffering inside myself was greater than the achievements I was able to generate. Deep inside, I was hoping for joy, serenity and fulfillment.

As I started working with healers, therapists, artists and spiritual teachers from many traditions, I discovered the absolute necessity to do my emotional clearing in order to access my healership and my spirituality. I truly understood that vibrant living always anchors at the spiritual level and requires a continuous focus on our emotional dimension.

There are many approaches that can help you clear and balance your emotional dimension so that you can expand and feel vibrant.

One technique I like to use is what I call, the Catch and Release technique.

Your first job is to keep an eye on your emotional status. How are you feeling? Check in often throughout your day. Be aware and catch the quality of the emotions you are experiencing. Your emotions will give you lots of insights to what is going on in your life.

Once you are aware, realize that you don’t need to understand why you are feeling what you are feeling; simply witness and eventually release. This approach will help you connect deeper to your spiritual reality.

Choose a way of being that does not need to analyze everything. Shift from understanding to experiencing and acknowledging. You will relax, become more spacious, and you will raise your vibration.

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The Path To Forgiveness

The Path To Forgiveness

How often do you practice forgiveness in your life? How do you feel about it?

Too often we experience forgiveness from our will or from our head. When we forgive from our will, we act from a place of good intent but it is not enough. When we forgive from our head, we create a good story excusing the other person or group of people involved in our experience of pain and we focus on the wrong thing.

What is forgiveness? It is an act of going within. The focus is not on any situation, the focus is on you, the pain you have experienced. Instead of figuring out how to move forward; go back to your experience, your emotions and your sensations. Can you connect to your pain without judgment? This is where the act of forgiveness begins. The heart leads the process. Your heart holds the space without reaction, judgment or anticipation of any kind. That is where the true magic happens. Your heart does not have any emotion. When there is no emotion, there is no attachment. When there is no attachment, there is forgiveness.

There are mantras, breaths, visualization and movements that will help you connect, expand and open the energy field of your heart to receive its true wisdom. To experience inner peace and stay connected to your heart, practice forgiveness everyday.

There is always something you have judgments or frustration towards. You may be angry at God, your destiny, your abilities, etc.

To feel complete in the practice of forgiveness, let your heart lead the process and stay present to your experience. How do I feel? Where do I feel it? What do I need?

If you skip those phases, you will never forgive.

Do you want to explore the many tools that can help you forgive in your life?

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Be Truthful

Be Truthful

When I was a kid, being truthful meant being honest. With that in mind, there was a strong statement: truth is right and lack of truth is wrong. The concept of truth has been greatly distorted for centuries.  Some people have fought for the truth, and still do, making it ok to kill, destroy, etc. just because of the truth. In my upbringing, being untruthful brought a lot of guilt.

Let’s explore the truth from a prospective that does not have to activate the experience of guilt or war. Being truthful means being willing, curious and courageous to know what your true experience is moment to moment. It is about being present to you, your joy, your clarity, your confusion, your excitement, your dreams, etc. It is about being aware of your feelings, sensations and thoughts.

The intent here is to stay connected with who you are. Yet we have so many distractions that will prevent us from being who we are. Let’s explore a few of them.

1- You have a desire for somebody else to change.

Whether it is your child, your spouse, your friend, your sibling, your parents or a co-worker; you have a wish for them. Here are a few examples: “I wish they would recognize me. I wish he would stop drinking. I wish she could take more initiative.” You get attached to these desires of what the other person could or should do and you are not connected to you. You are lost into judgment.

2- You got hurt.

When this happens you may think about what the other person did to you and what was wrong with him or her. Each time you are doing this, you are not feeling your pain or your needs. You are not exploring what your needs are to heal and move on.

3- You want something else in your life.

You want a better relationship, better health or a better financial situation and you believe that this is the answer to your happiness. You get hooked in that story. When you do this, you are not paying attention to the void within you.

As long as you are not true to yourself nothing will feel really good. When you choose to be true, possibilities in life are truly endless. Your creativity and ability to relax expands tremendously. “The law is: if you are you, then all things will come to you.” (Yogi Bhajan) Don’t waist your time trying to change who you are. Focus on changing how you relate to who you are so that you can accept it and be truthful. That is your foundation for desired manifestation to occur.

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Reinventing Magic

What is your experience of magic? What is your definition of magic?

Often we think that magic has to do with incredible outcomes in our lives. When your expectations focus on the outcomes you create tension. Magic in life does not lay in the outcome, but in your desires.

How do you relate to your desires? Do you get tense? Do you create anxiety about what you desire? Do you focus on what you are missing or do you focus on what you can manifest? Magic is about how you relate to your desires.

When you choose to change your relationship with your desires everything changes around you. Too often you have desires and yet deep inside, you don’t believe that you will ever be able to manifest them. There may be several things to explore:

1. Your desires are mixed with fear

a. Trust. How do you trust? What do you need to be able to trust that your desires can be manifested in life? Do you need a plan? Do you need to know how to get to what you want? Can you trust even if you cannot anticipate the process?

b. Self esteem. How much do you believe that you are enough? How much can you believe that you can get what you want? What part of you is in the way?

2. You have desires and you believe they will hurt someone else. It is not ok to serve yourself first.

a. Guilt. What do you get out of focusing on others needs? What part of you are you protecting? Are you afraid to be rejected?

3. You have desires and you believe they are not important.

a. Reason vs emotions. You think things can wait. As you do this you become more and more judgmental about yourself and others.


If you want to create magic in your life, be curious about your process and realize that you have too many desires that are repressed, neglected or criticized. Reinvent your relationship with your desires if you want to create magic in your life!

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Where Do You Live?

Where Do You Live?

Do you live in your head or do you live in your heart? How do you make the distinctions? Your head compares, your heart embraces. Your head goes into the past and future, your heart lives in the present. Your head wants to fix things around, your heart heals. Your head focuses on what you don’t have, your heart enjoys the journey of what you want. Your head is always busy, you heart stays still. Your head jumps into conclusion, your heart is curious and open. Your head focuses on the end results, your heart is sensitive to the now. Your head creates confusion your heart keeps things simple.

Do you live in your emotions or do you live in your heart?

To be vibrant, emotions are wonderful and necessary in your life. Yet, they cannot be the unique source to make decisions from. If you do, your life will be a rollercoaster and most likely you will loose yourself in the process.  Your emotions are extremely powerful. Sometimes you love them and sometimes you experience excruciating pain. Emotions do not live in the heart. Could you choose the heart as a foundation for your life instead of your emotions? Love is spacious; love is about detachment. When you get attached, you are not in love you are hooked with an emotion.

So what can you do? There are many exercises for you to choose from. My first suggestion is to practice daily Self Blessing. Many spiritual practices offer different forms of self-blessing and you can create you own. Meditate, write, dance, sing, and explore a format that fulfills you. If you decide to do a practice of your choice for 40 days in a row every morning and evening, you will experience the wisdom of your heart more often and your life will shift for the better.

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The Magic Lies Within

The Magic Lies Within

What if you had all the right tools and practices in life to create the changes you desire? What if, despite the tools you have, no change truly happens in your life?

Often, the true magic appears not when you change things around you (at times you need to) but when you decide to change how you relate to things around you.

After over 27 years of experience, I have seen many people changing coaches, therapists and healers, trying new things constantly, looking for the magic pill and going nowhere.

If you want more magic in your life, there are three areas to look at that will reveal more of your inner truth and help you create joy from your essence. Take a quick look at them.

1 – Commitment

This is certainly one of the most powerful tools for personal growth on earth. Commitment shows a lot about your ability to trust who you are and what you want in life. Commitment reveals how ready you are to face any kind of challenges and accept your own limitations.

2 – Love

Love is what we all want and yet sometimes we dream about romance more than love. Love allows you to witness and accept everything. There is no demand on yourself or others, no resistance, no judgment, but complete acceptance.

It reveals your ability to detach from your emotions (yet enjoying them!) and truly embrace your spiritual dimension. Love is pure awareness of what is.

3 – Time

Mastering time helps you to be in the moment, not trapped in the past or in the future. When you live in the moment you can renew.  Time reveals your ability to stay patient, humble and have faith.

Are you willing to explore your relationship with these three areas? Are you curious and excited to grow in a way that does not have to be painful but rather joyful? Are you open to change?

Are you willing to explore your relationship with these three areas? Are you curious and excited to grow in a way that does not have to be painful but rather joyful? Are you open to change?

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Are You Running Away From Pain or Reaching Out For Joy?

Are You Running Away From Pain or Reaching Out For Joy?

In the many years of practice helping women and men in their search for true happiness and in my own personal experience, I have noticed that too often, instead of looking for joy we are running away from pain.

How do you know if you are running away from pain? Start to answer the following questions. What is my biggest fear in my life? What do I do to avoid feeling that fear? I suggest you journal on these two questions for at least 7 days.

Let’s look at a few examples:

If you are afraid of loosing someone you love you may prevent yourself from sharing your truth or do more things that nurture your worry being rejected by the other. If you are afraid of negativity you may create harmony at any price and at time dismiss expressing your needs. If you are afraid or not being appreciated, you may want to prove how good you are. When you do this over and over, you may become physically ill or experience a lack of joy and a feeling of emptiness in your life.

Reaching out for joy is a different paradigm. It is an act of courage and faith. It means that you choose to believe that your pains will not control you, and that they will be part of your personal growth.  When you are not afraid of your fears you can open up to your deepest desire and yet stay present to any resistance you may experience. Stay present in your heart and emotions not in your head.

Reaching out for joy is a risk, the risk to accept your vulnerabilities and imperfections. And each time you do this, your happiness expands. The goal here is not to celebrate pain, but not to run away from it.  Explore your joy, commit to journaling for 40 days on the following question: what brings me joy? As you write down your answers, you will think about it more and more throughout your day. Joy is now at the center of your life. Once you have done that exercise for 40 days, I hope you will make a few changes in your life for the better.

If you want to deepen your presence and reach out for joy, the intuition program available on line will help you tremendously. You can also take a complimentary session with Tejpal.

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You Are on Earth to Beam Your Light Out

You Are on Earth to Beam Your Light Out

No matter who you are and what your lifestyle is, the more you glow, the more you will attract what you truly desire in life. Then…the more you attract what is aligned with your essence, the more you glow.

I wish we all could hold that state of being on a consistent basis. It is easy to shine when everything goes well around us. When our work is fulfilling, our finances in good order, our relationships nurturing and our health in balance, we will naturally glow.

What happens when something in our life goes off? What happens when we experience pain? Can we still beam our light out? Of course we can! Our light comes from our spirit.  When we stay true to our spirit we shine.

Take a moment and choose an area of your life that often creates challenges and pain. It can be a difficult relationship, a lack of clarity in your finances, health issues that you keep dismissing, a feeling of insecurity at work, a frustration about where you live, etc.

How have you dealt with it so far? Have you been too busy to avoid addressing that situation? Have you been angry, depressed? Did you judge or blame? What has been your response?

Many times, we will react in one of the ways mentioned above. Each time we react, we disconnect from the place of pain. Each time we disconnect from the pain we disconnect from our truth and can’t glow. If we want to shine, we need to stay true to our self and to our pain.

Most of the time we skip this first step and jump into figuring out what to do. We go into our head. You will never get clarity from your mind. You will get clarity from your heart and your spirit.

Learn to stay with your pain without reacting. Learn to be present in the moment. Make a distinction between your mind and your pain. At a time of pain, part of your mind will go into panic, assumptions, and conclusion. Stay with your pain, not with your mind and the quality of light you carry within will amaze you.

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Release and Renew

Release and Renew

How often are you open and willing to reinvent yourself?

Renewal is an important part of your life force. It gives you the ability to keep a positive spirit and help you embrace life with more ease.

What happens when you don’t renew?

Your life becomes predictable, your energy drops and your enthusiasm is not as high as it could be. You become more reactive and more rigid.

The renewal process is like the creation of a collage. At the beginning it does not look good.  You have no idea where you are going and you may even wonder if doing a collage is a good idea; it seems chaotic. As you keep going, your collage becomes alive and you get more energized. Eventually something quite amazing appears.

The renewal process breaks some of your habits. You also don’t know what you are rebirthing into. The only thing you know is that you will have a deeper relationship with your true self, more flexibility and less attachment.

What are the key elements for renewal?

Many spiritual traditions have unique methods to help a person going through the rebirthing process.

The first step is often a clearing at the physical, emotional and mental level.

At the physical level, you may want to change some of your nutritional habits or do a fast. At the emotional level you may want to release some feelings that have been stuck within you for a long time. At the mental level you may want to use the power of breath to clear your mind.

What do you want to clear at the physical, emotional and spiritual level?

As you read this News Letter, answer this question now, don’t wait. Also to get used to the rebirthing process, do a collage with a few friends as I did for my birthday a couple of weeks ago!

How vibrant do you want to be? How much renewal do you want to experience?

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Your Spiritual Emergency Kit Series: Healing Your Pain

Your Spiritual Emergency Kit Series: Healing Your Pain

Most of you have an emergency kit for your physical body at home. Have you created an emergency kit for your spiritual body?

In your emergency first aid kit you are given very specific tools to handle pain.

You have some pills to numb the pain, liquid to clear any infection, cream to prevent the pain to spread to other parts of the body and bandages to protect the pain.

The yogis have said that we have ten bodies and that the physical body is one of them. How do we heal our pain at the spiritual level? How do we heal our pain for the nine bodies that are not physical? What is truly missing in your physical emergency kit?

What are the necessary steps to heal your pain? Let’s look at the first two steps


From numbing to connecting

Numbing the pain is often the first temptation and some of you may handle this in many ways: more alcohol, more TV, more work, etc. You want to disconnect from the place of pain hoping it will go away. At time, numbing the pain with medication is absolutely necessary yet it cannot be the only response.

If you want to heal your pain at the spiritual level, you have to reconnect to it. Your job is to receive it, to be the host of your pain. You will be surprised to realize that the more you connect to your pain the less pain you will experience. How can you do this? Simply journal every day. If you are overwhelmed with constant worries, write about your worries; if you have a fear of rejection that takes over every decision in your life write about your fear of rejection. Let this pain “talk”. The more you push your pain away or dismiss it the more the pain grows within you.

From controlling to releasing

At the physical level, you have learned to contain the pain and prevent it from spreading through the body. At the spiritual level, you want to create a context where the pain can be released.

When you contain the pain you are numbing yourself. Your intuition and radiance shut down and it is harder to be present moment to moment. Your joy factor diminishes. When you release your pain, you feel lighter. How do you release your pain? Some of you need to cry and be held by a friend or healer; others may dance, sing or paint their pain. If you meditate or pray, ask for spiritual guidance and spiritual helpers for other options to release your pain.

The processes you have learned to heal your pain at the physical level rarely work in your life.

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Your Spiritual Emergency Kit

Your Spiritual Emergency Kit

If you explore the vast field of energy healing and study any spiritual practices, you will understand that every healing happens first at the spiritual level. Your spiritual dimension is your foundation. “You are a spiritual being having a physical experience” as many teachers have said. Most of you have an emergency kit for your physical body at home.  Have you created an emergency kit for your spiritual body?

How do you live your life when your loved one is diagnosed with cancer? How do you access serenity when your son struggles with addiction? How much pain do you experience when no matter how much you give to your fiends and family it is never enough, never recognized? How much depression do you hold when you feel so isolated everyday? How much anxiety do you have when you think about your future?

If you have not started already, it is time to create your spiritual emergency kit. It will give you the true experience that you are a soul, a spirit, a light. It will help you develop your inner clarity and stability and prevent you from getting caught into the ocean of your emotions or any stories that will suck you into a black hole.

The first medicine for the soul in my tool kit is stillness.

Now, for many of us, our mind is so loud that it is unbearable to be physically still. Witness your being as you intent to be still if this is fairly new to you. Some of you will have tremendous physical pain staying still (often caused by the mind) , others will be distracted or nervous.

There are many ways to practice stillness and often I recommend practices that invite you to move or breathe a certain way to experience inner stillness. Be curious and explore options offered by many traditions. Try Tai Chi, Bagua Zang, Yoga, Chi Gong, walking meditation and be willing to experience what brings you inner stillness.

Reach inward toward your true nature and practice stillness. You will develop your intuition, stay away from your life drama, increase your life force and simply attract what your soul truly desires.

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Reinvent Your Relationship with Commitment

Reinvent Your Relationship with Commitment

What is your experience of commitment? Are you excited or are you afraid? Do you feel pressure or do you experience clarity?
Exploring your relationship with commitment will help you understand why you get or don’t get the things you say you truly want in your life.

Lets explore a few inner conversations you may hold ….

1- “I lose my freedom when I commit.”
Each time you truly commit to something you are fully engaged. When you are engaged, there is no space for the mind to wonder; in fact you are not in your head.
When you live in your head, there is no freedom, when you are engaged you are free. Each time you question endlessly your decision and your actions you are trapped with doubts, worries and fear.

2- “What if I commit to the wrong thing?”
The fear of failure is often a good obstacle for anyone to commit. Notice that I am talking about the fear of failure, not the failure itself. The thought of failing is what creates a resistance to commitment. When you think about the possibility of failing, your mind takes over and tries to figure out all the necessary steps to avoid failure. Notice that at this point you are not even thinking about succeeding but avoiding failure. Commitment gives you the opportunity to learn. Without commitment you can’t grow. I have been around the best harpists and the best golfers in the world. Their mastery comes from the quality of their commitment.

3- “Do I really have to commit?”
Yes at times, commitment feels like one more thing on your to do list. If commitment is only driven by your will, it will not last. Your heart, emotions and spirit need to say yes to your decision.

Commit from a place of truth…

Close your eyes and put your hands on your heart center. What does your heart says about the commitment you are thinking of making? Keep checking in and put your hands on your lower belly. How do you feel? Do you feel relaxed, numbed, or powerful? Now, access the energy around your body: what do you notice? Is there a feeling of expansion or contraction? Do you feel uplifted? Go within and start to notice your yes or your no, your resistance or your fears…Pay attention to your inner experience. You will be able to commit and create real breakthroughs in your life.

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When You Are Ready, It Is Too Late

When You Are Ready, It Is Too Late

The notion of readiness is often the conversation of your mind. In the yogic tradition, we have three minds: the negative, the positive and the neutral mind. Your positive mind loves to dream and get excited. However, when it is time to take actions toward your dreams, the negative mind kicks in and gives you lots of reasons why it is not the right thing to do.

When I moved from Paris to New York 18 years ago, I was not ready. My English was not good and I did not have a secure income. When I decided to go to a four years healing school, I was not ready. I did not know how to pay for the school and I enrolled two weeks prior to the starting date. When I lead my first leadership program 25 years ago, I am sure I was thinking that I was not ready. I needed more knowledge and more experience.

Who is telling you that you are not ready to do something? Most of the time, it is your negative mind. It takes daily practice to be able to remember that your soul and spirit are way bigger than your mind. Do you want to be aligned with your mind or with your soul? If you choose to be aligned with your mind, it will take forever to make a decision. If you choose to be aligned with your soul, you have the opportunity to create vibrant joy and true meaning in your life.

Does it take courage to leap when you do not have all the information or the guaranties before you make a decision? Yes it does.

When you listen to your soul, you have to do one thing: commit. Once you say yes you need to take the necessary actions that will support what you have said yes too. The strength of your commitment is what will make you successful in what you want in life. It has nothing to do with how much you are ready or not. It is your spirit in action.

Here is my homework assignment for you:

Listen to your inner conversation and notice how often you are postponing a decision that is good for you. Make a distinction between the language of your spirit and the language of your negative mind and then decide what you want to do.

Do you want to listen to your spirit? Do you want more joy and meaning in your life? Are you ready for this? Then have a free 20 minutes discovery session with Tejpal.

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Reinventing Relationships: Five Dimensions To Focus On

Reinventing Relationships: Five Dimensions To Focus On

When you start changing how you relate to anything, you drastically transform your life. The true magic always happens in relationship.

What kind of relationships do you want to create this year? Everything in life is about relationship. Buying something in a store, talking to your daughter, managing a project, or relating to others. When you carry inner conversations about who you are and how you feel, you relate to your own self. You also relate to the past, the future, the unknown, etc.

The year of 2013 is a number 6 (simply add 2+1+3), which is the archetype of the “Lovers” in the Tarot tradition. One aspect of this Archetype is about relationship.

Reinventing relationship starts with the Self. How do you want to nurture your Self this year?

Self-nurturance is a holistic process. How do you nurture your Self at the physical, emotional, mental, heart and spiritual level? Each of these levels is necessary to be taking care of if you choose to be vibrant and radiant.

Let’s explore these five dimensions through two different angles:

If you only nurture your Self at the physical level, your life will look like a treadmill…. predictable, boring, driven by will and therefore eventually depressing.

If you only nurture your Self at the emotional level, you are not grounded and too attached to what is going on around you. Your life becomes a rollercoaster.

If you only nurture your Self at the mental level, you isolate yourself and get lost into the world of thoughts. You may end up dreaming your life instead of living your dreams or you may overanalyze everything to a point where you cannot make any decisions.

If you only nurture your Self at the heart level, you don’t know how to set healthy boundaries and you lose your identity.

If you are only nourishing your Self at the spiritual level, you are simply flying in “la-la land”, praying for miracles to happen and you are not able to manifest the life you want in the physical reality.

If you ignore your physical dimension, you cannot access the spiritual world and you cannot develop your intuition.

If you ignore your emotional dimension, you become reactive because you are not paying attention to your needs.

If you ignore your mental body, your ability to learn and grow, slows down.

If you ignore your Heart body, you are deprived of the most important element in life. Your inability to give and receive will create tremendous pain and most likely tremendous distortions in your behavior

If you ignore your spiritual dimension, no matter how much wealth and love you may experience, there is a lack of meaning in your life and you cannot be fully fulfilled.

This year, choose and commit to nurture your five bodies. The inner strength and clarity you will get out of this, is priceless. That is the only way I know you can expand in your business and any kind of relationship.

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What do you truly want in life?

What do you truly want in life?

You have heard that question over and over and most of the time you have answered very quickly with some signs of confidence and clarity.

But what do you truly want in life? Do you really know? How much do you believe in what you want? How much do you commit into what you want?

What’s in the way? Where are your doubts, resistance, and fears? How do they show up in your life and how do they manifest in your physical body?

How do you know that what you want is truly what you want?

Anything you want when connected to your truth always uplifts your spirit. Anything you want always makes you a better person. As your spirit gets more vibrant, your whole energy field radiates at a higher frequency of energy. You become more sensitive, more intuitive, more open to the many opportunities available to you. Your ability to attract and manifest increases tremendously.

Remember 90% of who you are is spiritual if we follow the Yogic tradition. Who you are is mainly your spirit and that is the one to listen to.

Simply ask yourself the question when you wonder the value of your wants in life:

Is my energy going up or down? Am I overwhelmed by fear or am I experiencing an inner smile?

Trust your experience and make a distinction between excitement and joy. The first one is reactive and the second one is coming from within. If your vibration does not raise when you connect to what you want, then what you are asking comes from a place of impulsivity or reaction. In this case what you want will never nourish you.

What if you still don’t know?

Some of you may not be able to know if their vibration is raising, most likely because you are stuck into your linear mind trying to figure out if what you want is a good idea. From that place, there is no sense of spirit in your life, no magic.

If you want to learn how to develop your spirit within and truly work with the intuition cards program, the exercises offered are priceless.

If you want to explore what you want and find out what’s in the way to what you want, truly participate in the Soul Lift Program

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Hitting the same wall, over and over…

Hitting the same wall, over and over...

No matter where you are in life, how old or young you are, many of you keep facing the same challenge over and over.

Some of you have struggled in intimate relationships while others have had tremendous difficulties with trust or committing to what you want. Some of you wonder if someday someone will hear you or if they will understand you. Others wonder if authentic happiness is even possible in this life.

Whatever your situation is, each of you holds a unique karmic blue print that can either limit you, or propel you. Which do you choose?

For the past 25 years, I have focused my energy to help men and women to dramatically change the way they create their life to manifest what they want.

What prevents you to change?

The following are the main reasons:

  1. You don’t believe you can create a change in your life.
  2. You are not sure that is what you want.
  3. You go back and forth because you don’t want to make any mistakes.
  4. You don’t want to shift, instead you just want to stretch and stick with what you know.
  5. You have been extremely successful in the past and you keep going back to your old model to create something new.
  6. You let your fears run the show and from that place, you create a good story: you are confused…and you believe this is true.

The one thing that will support you to change…

How badly do you want to drop your old limitations? How deeply do you want to create something radically different in your life?

The foundation for change is based on the strength of your commitment. Commitment is a moment-to-moment choice, not a one-time decision. It calls on every aspect of your being. The anatomy of your desire, your hope, your self-image, your ideal self, etc. Every part of you is awakened.

This year I have decided to create a unique program that will assess at many levels, your life challenge and will help you to break through any limitations and resistance you may hold.

This program will help you drop the old, shift toward your deepest desires, and recreate an identity that is aligned with your essence.

Kick Off this program with 2 days in Tucson AZ, January 31st and February 1st.

Places are limited to 10 people and this program is by application only.

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The Path Toward True Gratefulness

The Path Toward True Gratefulness:
Three Impactful Practices for Vibrant Living

Many teachers have emphasized the importance of being grateful. Yet too often we have miss understood the depth of this practice.

I have noticed two common habits around the art of being grateful that will limit your joy factor in life.

1- Most people practice gratefulness from a place of what they should be grateful for. In my practice, when men and women share what they are grateful for in their lives, ninety nine percent of the time, they talk from their head not from their heart. Their head tells them to be grateful for this or that but their being does not match what they say. Bottom line, they create a deeper disconnect between their true experience and their mind. This increases unhappiness.

2- Gratefulness is usually about what you have or the behavior of others around you. In this situation, your sense of gratefulness is only focusing on your surroundings. You have a new car, a new house, great vacation, a great support system around you, etc. While it is wonderful to appreciate, value and receive from your environment, you will most likely base your level of happiness on your outer reality. This limits you tremendously.

Focus on these three practices to truly experience vibrant living

1- Be grateful about who you are. Shift your focus from what you have or what is happening to you to who you are. What is the core quality within you that you choose to celebrate today? How do you express this quality in your life? Are there any ways you could express it more often? What will happen if you do?

2- Be grateful about the challenges you are facing in your life. Your biggest challenges in life are your biggest growth opportunities. When you truly receive the challenges you are experiencing, you have an opportunity to learn something about your personal limitations and from there to grow.

3- Be grateful for what you wish. What do you want to create in your life? Who do you want to become? Say yes to your soul’s longing and bring that longing into your present as if it is already there. It will help you shift your paradigm and create a life that matches your deepest longing.

Boost Your Spirit and…

Boost Your Spirit and...Unleash The Power Of Your Intuition.

No matter what the outcomes are, if you choose to act, think and live from your spirit you will always win in life. Your intuition is the direct conduit between your physical being and your spiritual being. Your Spiritual dimension is your foundation. This is what gives you meaning and happiness in your life; that is what gives you the desire to grow and create a life bigger than your physical reality. Your wisdom and your insights come from your spiritual reality. Your sense of possibilities comes from your spiritual reality.

What would happen if you had all the intuition you ever wanted in life? Who will would you be and what would you do? Allow yourself to dream visualize and write down your answers. I suggest you to do this exercise every day for a minimum of a week; it will drastically open your horizons.

When you don’t listen to your intuition you limit yourself in many ways, for example your self-confidence is constricted, your ability to stay open and serene when you don’t have the answers you wish is limited and your decision making process is much slower and often too complex.

Without intuition in my life (I am not talking about my work), I would likely live in fear city and be much more reactive and negative about life.

My intuition has helped me to uplift my spirit, expand my horizon of possibilities, take risks with clarity, and experience much more inner peace.

What about you?

I have developed a system that will help you shift your relationship with your intuitive gifts. Quite frankly, it is the result of over one hundred workshops that I have led.

This program includes 8 life principles to explore and 26 concrete short practices (exercises) that will truly transform you. Learn more about Tejpals’ program.

Get a complementary discovery session with Tejpal.

What’s Next?

What's NextOur mind likes to hang out in the “What’s Next Land” and it makes us believe that if we can answer that question we are good to go; we are safe, smart and we know! Happiness is just around the corner… Hmmm.

When I was managing an international team of consultants specializing in leadership development in Paris 20 years ago I thought I was so smart because I could define what’s next before anyone else. Yet, I also remember the level of anxiety and internal pressure I experienced everyday.

Today I work with courageous women (a few men too!) who want to redesign their life around their soul mission. They love to move forward and inevitably I will hear, “Once I do this then what?” I understand the anxiety, the will to commit and change. Yet if I had a plan for everyone ahead of time no transformation will happen.

We have forgotten the ways of the ancient spiritual masters’ teachings. Student’s had no clue what would happen to them and how long they would keep on doing the same thing. They simply trusted their master and had faith.

I am not a spiritual master but one thing I know is that nothing will replace your experience. Your experience does not lie in the knowing, your experience lies in the Being. You need to be in your physical, emotional, spiritual and heart experience. Your mind has to come last not first. It is only through your experience that insights will emerge, wisdom will appear and shifts will be created. Change never happens in your head.

Shifting from what is next to diving into the now of your experience requires help. We cannot change on our own. What you will get is a great sense of clarity and inner peace , a developed intuitive self and an ability to be radiant and vibrant. In brief the benefits are endless.

So when you catch yourself wondering what is next take a breath and smile at yourself.

Get a complementary discovery session with Tejpal.