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I am thrilled to share with you some insights and tools that will help you develop your intuition, an important doorway to creating the life you truly desire. Each of you has a unique way to access your intuition and therefore some tools shared below may work better for you than others. Nevertheless, a consistent practice will help you tap into one of your best assets, your intuition. With Joy, Tejpal [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][ult_tab_element tab_style=”Style_2″ tab_animation=”Slide-Horizontal” tab_title_color=”#000000″ tab_background_color=”#bdd6df” tab_hover_title_color=”#000000″ tab_hover_background_color=”#3e7e93″ acttab_title=”#000000″ tabs_border_radius=”20″ container_border_style1=”border-style:groove;|border-radius:3px;”][single_tab title=”Insight Number 1: Be Clueless!” tab_id=”04ba3db3-e58e-9″][vc_column_text]

Insight Number 1: Be Clueless!

When you have a problem in your life, there is a tendency to call on an expert to fix the situation. Whether this is health-related, financial, or a problem in relationships, the urge to rely on outside solutions is pervasive. Experts are helpful but cannot be your only resource to overcome the challenges you have been presented. In most cases, when you need to know something, you experience tension and anxiety and your mind jumps ahead into the future. Your thoughts start racing, selecting information to make a decision or to feel reassured. There is a tendency to latch onto one train of thought and you lose your universal view. Instead of reaching out for more knowledge, accept knowing nothing. Be clueless! Drop any preconceived ideas and listen to the intelligence of your body. Dive into your senses. How does your body feel about the situation? Do you experience any emotions or visualize any images? Be naïve and open to what exists at this moment. When your mind is no longer in the lead you can reestablish the balance between your mind, body, and spirit. You are immediately able to think “outside the box” and process in a different way than you are traditionally used to. You allow yourself to open up to new and different possibilities. The following exercise will help you to be more clueless; and you will be open to accessing your inner guidance.

Practice Number 1: Live 360 Degrees

Choose a situation in your life that triggers you and that you wish you had more insights about. It could be connected to a relationship, health, life purpose, finances, etc. What do you experience? Fear? Judgment? Resentment? Anxiety? Acceptance? All of these? How much are you focusing on wanting an answer? Close your eyes and bring your awareness to 360 degrees around you. Allow yourself to connect with the complete circumference of your environment, integrating information in a balanced and grounded state of being. By doing this you put your logical mind on the back burner and bring more awareness to your physical body. Take a few minutes to experience the front, back, and both sides of your body as you connect to your situation. What insights have you gained? Practice this exercise every day, and you will be surprised by how much less reactive and how much more intuitive you become. [/vc_column_text][/single_tab][single_tab title=”Insight Number 2: Choose Your Spiritual Practice From Your Physical Experience” tab_id=”ab835bea-49a1-8″][vc_column_text]

Insight Number 2: Choose Your Spiritual Practice From Your Physical Experience

Awakening your intuition must be done from the inside out. Meditation and daily spiritual practice is one of the fastest ways to develop your intuition and your highest potential. Many people want to have a daily spiritual practice and yet most people who say they want it, don’t actually follow through and establish a regular regime. In some ways, choosing a spiritual practice is like choosing a diet…which one will work for you? Which is the best? As with everything, the answer lies within you. Trust Your Body The way to select a spiritual practice is not through your mind, not because someone told you to, and not because another person received great benefits from it. Make your decision based upon your own physical experience. Listen to your body. Does the meditation or tradition you are trying out bring you pleasure, peace, strength or serenity? If not, try something else. Here is one meditation that is short and simple and can be easily integrated into your daily life.

Practice Number 2: “One-Minute” Breath

Sit on a chair or on the floor and close your eyes to stay within. Pay attention to your physical posture. Check that your back is straight yet not stiff and that your neck is an extension of your spine. Bring your chin slightly down to keep your neck fairly straight. From there, simply relax and do a few breaths in and out through the nose. Now you are ready to get started. Your breath has three segments of equal length: inhaling through the nose, holding the breath in, and exhaling through the nose. These segments can start off as short as you feel comfortable, with the end goal of each segment growing to 20 seconds, creating the one minute breath. As you do this everyday you will be able to stretch these numbers. Start with 3 minutes and expand if you wish. [/vc_column_text][/single_tab][single_tab title=”Insight Number 3: You Are On Earth To Shine” tab_id=”1469475446113-2-5″][vc_column_text]

Insight Number 3: You Are On Earth To Shine

Shining is your birthright and, even more, it is part of your duty on earth. Perhaps in your mind you associate shining with being self centered, narcissistic or egoistic. But truly it is not any of these. Shining is your personal signature, expressed to its fullest. When you hold back your thoughts or dreams you hold back the vibrancy of your being. When you open up and express yourself fully without wondering what is good or not, what has value or not, what is right or not, you give yourself the opportunity to grow and glow. This attitude of accepting and trusting is invaluable as you develop your intuition. As you start exploring your intuition you may wonder if you are making things up, if what you access is “real”. This self-questioning can easily become an obstacle. Instead, eliminate doubts and tensions that inhibit your free flow of information by simply accepting what your intuition tells you. Believe that every thought and intuition carries valuable insights.

Practice Number 3: Trust Yourself

Think about a situation where you want more spiritual guidance and insight. Be specific with your question and connect to your inner guidance by way of the five bodies: physical, emotional, mental, heart and spiritual. Start with the physical body and ask the question. Listen to and trust your physical body. How does your body respond? Are there any areas that feel constricted when you consider this subject? Is it easy to breathe or do you feel pressure in yourchest? Where do you feel a burst of energy? After 30 seconds or so take a deep breath in, and move on to the emotional body. Emotionally, how do you react when you consider the same question. Do you experience joy, excitement, fear, or doubts? Now explore this from the mental body. What thoughts come up? Do you receive images, messages, or insights? From the vantage point of your heart center, what do you experience? Do you feel open or closed, constricted or expansive? Do you have a sense of trust or fear? Finally, explore your spiritual body regarding this question. When you access your inner knowing, do you experience gratefulness? Are you open to receive? Can you relax and trust the unknown, the mystery? What was your experience? What did you discover? As you learn to trust your insights more and more you increase your sensitivity and your ability to access your intuition. Remember the wisdom of your five bodies is with you at every moment. [/vc_column_text][/single_tab][/ult_tab_element][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Unleash the Power of YOUR SOUL! You have capabilities and potential greater than your wildest imagination. All you need to do is open the door to access your own magic. Tejpal offers four programs to help you unleash the power of your soul and create the life you truly desire. Start today! Copyright 2012 Tejpal-Inspires, LLC

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