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Space versus Time

Space versus Time

I am not a physicist nor a scientist, yet I know that human beings are caught in the time dimension. Everybody wants to look thirty at the age of sixty and forty at the age of eighty: there is a booming anti-aging market. If you only live in the dimension of time, you will always be stressed and never at peace with anything.

Time is an illusion and an addiction. If you constantly run all day long trying to accomplish as much as you can in a limited amount of time, your life becomes meaningless. If you relentlessly try to beat the aging process, you will have deep inside, constant anxiety and agitation. Time without space engages your linear mind, which is simply never satisfied.

We live in a century where we need to change our sensory system and engage space more than time. If you relate to yourself and everyone around you with space instead of time, you will connect to the intrinsic quality of everything. There is only one part of you that understands space; it is your heart.

If space is the essence, then you experience the energy of everything first. If space comes first, you have to go within your own body, sense it, feel it, and be still. The period we live in is in constant chaos and to have clarity and peace; you need stillness. That is the gift of space.

When you bring space first, you become the host for everything. You can still be on time, but time becomes effortless and secondary; you are present.

To deepen your connection to space, a daily spiritual practice that challenges your patterns is certainly a first step.

With much love

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How Do You Pray?

We have many opportunities to pray as constant chaos and losses are happening on earth. The simple question is: how do you pray? Like many of you, in my younger age, I have begged and bargained in my prayers; I have prayed from a place of victim asking to be saved.

Praying is the opposite of begging; when you beg you loose your power and when you pray you are in your power. I am talking about spiritual power which the ability to experience oneness and stay connected with your true self.

When you pray, no matter what you do at the physical level, spiritually you are standing up. If you are praying on your knees, the purpose is to collect yourself not to make yourself so small that you don’t know what to do anymore. At that moment you raise the vibration within you and within the situation or people you are praying for.

Each of you is gifted with the power of prayers.  Yet if you get attached to a specific outcome you loose your spiritual connection and no healing can truly occur. We can’t really control the physical delivery of our prayers but we can shift the energy and from there things will unfold. Pray from a place of inner power like a true spiritual warrior.

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