How To Manifest Moment To Moment

Imagine that you hold in your hands the power to change your reality and that you are capable of creating your highest vision and desire. Imagine that life is way simpler than what you think. Then….you are able to Manifest Moment To Moment the life you truly long for.

Many of you know that I have co-written a book with my business partner Dr. Carrol McLauglin.

And so here we are! Our “Manifest Moment To Moment” book is published by Hay House and will be released June 4th this year.

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As I had my birthday this week, the day prior to my date of birth, I received some clear insights: “Tejpal, the theme of this year for you is about surrendering”. And then I received a few directions about which spiritual practice I need to focus on.

And so here I am…pondering and assessing the different parts of my life. Every area of my life will beneficiate from my ability to surrender, no doubt. Surrendering is for me the most gracious intent as it calls on flexibility and spaciousness. If I create more space then creativity can truly happen. If I am really creative then there is a way no matter how many blocks I may encounter in my life; I can always bounce back. And quite frankly in life we don’t need to be sure we are doing the right thing to be happy, we need to know we can bounce back so that we feel more secure inside to move forward and listen to our deepest desire.

What is your theme for your birthday year and how will you approach it? Take a complimentary session with Tejpal.

The One Thing That Prevents You Moving Forward

Over the years, I have witnessed the same thing over and over when it is time to shift and grow…there is one thing that is in the way for pretty much everyone I have helped. It is the lack of compassion you have toward your own Self. Yes, it is simple, but true. That is your biggest obstacle in your life.

Too often, we create a fixed idea of what our Self should be and each time we do not match that rigid identity. We shrink, contract and sometimes we spend too much time inward over analyzing everything.

First we need to let go of that fixed image about ourselves but still have that deep desire to expand, be more accepting, living more in the heart or whatever you would like to express and experience often in our life.

The people that get the most hyper and excited about working with me are often the people who struggle to commit. Their ideal image of themselves takes over and their engagement is like a fire cracker…explosive, beautiful and short.

If you want to go really far, be aware of your limitations and have compassion for what you may call your contradictions, your paradoxes and your faults. Own them and hold them; there are parts of your expression.

There is no world-class athlete that dismissed their own limitation. Gary Player knew as a golfer that he had to go the gym and be fit, way before the Tiger Wood trend, to compensate his short size in order to be a legendary golfer.

Your ambition without self-compassion will not nourish your soul. Do you want to experience and explore the gifts of self-compassion?Take a complimentary session with Tejpal.