The First Step to Happiness

The First Step to Happiness

Everybody wants to be happy, right? Yet there is so much suffering. We are a society that mainly functions on the polarity of pain and pleasure. We want more pleasure less pain, and the facts speak for themselves: the painkiller market keeps on growing and most commercials about anything focus on pleasure or pain. The thing is, pleasure and happiness don’t belong to the same world: pleasure lives in the world of polarity, happiness does not.

What is then the first step to generate happiness? Your mind believes that more, or everything it wants moment-to-moment is happiness. Most minds do not know what happiness is, as minds are so agitated that it is impossible to match instability with happiness.

Yogi Bhajan and other spiritual teachers have mentioned it over and over; if you want happiness you need to commit. When you commit to anything, you live beyond polarities.

Every time you commit to something nothing is in the way; your life becomes very simple. You don’t allow your mind to question your commitment, you don’t allow the environment to question your commitment and you don’t allow your abilities or lack of to question your commitment.  There is no story, no excuses, just you with you and nothing in between.

Commitment teaches you to be clear, transparent and simple; everything your mind will fight against. When this happens, you transform your mind and you transform yourself at the same time; It is one of the most powerful healing practices because it is the path of non-escape. Only when you don’t escape the adventure begins and you are free. Only when you don’t escape you can experience all of you, your beauty and your shadow and that is where the heart opens: beyond polarities.

Commitment does not guarantee anything and if you are obsessed about any outcomes then you are missing the point. You become driven and forceful which will prevent you to deepen your relationship with your heart.   Commitment is a way to be, not a way to arrive at a destination or achieve anything; it is where you experience your infinite being.

When you choose to be crystal clear in your decision you create consistency and peace; the foundation for your heart to grow and open the door to lasting happiness.

Are you ready?

With love,

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The Gift of Confusion

The Gift of ConfusionThe major problem with confusion is that you reject it: your linear mind gets agitated like a wild animal in a cage trying to find the exit.

Depending on your personality, you may push through your wall of fog to gain clarity; you may be anxious or depressed.

On my side, I am really happy when you get confused: you now have the opportunity to change your old paradigm; if you are not confused, you are not learning.

At times, you get confused because you are overthinking.

Confusion teaches you the art of listening to all the parts of you, not just your mental dimension.

Confusion also allows you to readjust your tempo: when you are confused, you need to slow down. Often you go the other direction; you get impatient ready to put the foot on the accelerator, desperately looking for an answer.

Some of you often ask me if your confusion is a resistance to change or if it is the necessary stage toward transformation. Most likely, it is both as every time we go through a transition, we experience resistance.

When you realize that the time of confusion is precious, you will be able to drop deeper into yourself to heal and nurture some parts of you that you did not know about. Confusion teaches you to stay present and vigilant, not from a place of fear but a place of curiosity.

If you want deeper peace and connection to your self and others, always allow confusion to be, as it is a great teacher for your mind and healer for your life.

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The Discipline To Be You

I have one wish for you
It is for you to be you
And forgive me for being so demanding
Forgive me for directing you, or imposing on you in a way
I own my distortion of hope for you
And in that hope, I am not conditional
There is no deadline, no one-way ticket

If you knock at my door
That is what I offer you, nothing else
Be you, beyond your physical attachments, your roles, your look, your age, your belongings, your relationships
Be you, awake and at peace with the constant unfolding of who you truly are

It takes discipline to be you

It will take actually all of you and more to never betray yourself from fear
Of not having enough, being rejected, failing, or whatever else you fear pulls you to do
It takes lucidity to look at your shadow and forgive yourself over and over

It takes trust
And the courage to die over and over
So that you don’t get attached to your fixed identity or what you think you know

The kind of discipline I am talking about
Is the discipline of the heart

If you realize that in the chaos of your life and mind there is no other way
Then knock at my door
And in the space between us, you will find You

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Me, Myself and I

Space versus Time

Space versus Time

I am not a physicist nor a scientist, yet I know that human beings are caught in the time dimension. Everybody wants to look thirty at the age of sixty and forty at the age of eighty: there is a booming anti-aging market. If you only live in the dimension of time, you will always be stressed and never at peace with anything.

Time is an illusion and an addiction. If you constantly run all day long trying to accomplish as much as you can in a limited amount of time, your life becomes meaningless. If you relentlessly try to beat the aging process, you will have deep inside, constant anxiety and agitation. Time without space engages your linear mind, which is simply never satisfied.

We live in a century where we need to change our sensory system and engage space more than time. If you relate to yourself and everyone around you with space instead of time, you will connect to the intrinsic quality of everything. There is only one part of you that understands space; it is your heart.

If space is the essence, then you experience the energy of everything first. If space comes first, you have to go within your own body, sense it, feel it, and be still. The period we live in is in constant chaos and to have clarity and peace; you need stillness. That is the gift of space.

When you bring space first, you become the host for everything. You can still be on time, but time becomes effortless and secondary; you are present.

To deepen your connection to space, a daily spiritual practice that challenges your patterns is certainly a first step.

With much love

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Birthday Wishes

What do you want for your birthday?

On my end, the answer is very simple. No one can give it to me, yet everyone can teach it to me. Whether because I witness you mastering it or struggling with it. If my heart is open enough, I will be able to learn it from each of you.

My birthday wish really feeds my soul and helps me go through any challenge, any loss, any struggle, any rejection, and any illness. I cherish it tremendously, and I am so grateful for it. It is really simple: it is Peace.

Being peaceful does not mean being quiet or discreet. One can be colorful and peaceful. It does not mean agreeing with everyone or everything; it means that we don’t become impulsive or don’t fall into drama. We approach situations as they are not as we wish they should be.

Peace requires simplicity and with it extreme clarity. For some of you when life is too simple, you are bored, and you are looking for excitement or troubles. Peace can’t be true says your mind. As soon as you become a thinking being, fear sneaks in, and your true intelligence disappears.

When peace is your foundation, the land in which you unfold, if you cry or if you scream, if you panic or if you are exhausted, you will allow it to be. You will not make up a story, complain or manipulate.

Peace is your true identity; be sure to create a lifestyle that enhances that part of you.

With much love,

Develop the Warrior Within

As we are diving into a new year, one thing is sure, chaos and crisis are part of our daily lives. In this constant turmoil, we need to hold clarity from within, crystal clear clarity. We need to be driven by the essence of clarity that is not connected to our emotions, our opinions or our level of pain and pleasure; we need to be driven by the essence of clarity that comes from our true infinite identity.

Despite any challenges you may endure, if you stay true to your blueprint, clarity and simplicity will always be present in your life. From there, you decide how you want to show up and manifest your true purpose in life.

The warrior within you does not sacrifice pleasure, does not push force or pressurize, does not fight; the warrior within you commits to her or his infinite identity. As a warrior, when you experience pain or pleasure, the infinite part of you remains. As a warrior, the finite part of you, your ego and attachments, will not take over your true self. When this impeccable loyalty to your true self occurs, then life ‘s ups and downs will be manageable, then your life will have one focus: service.

Service, from a warrior perspective, is not caught into looking good or being lovable. Service simply is a lifestyle from the clarity of the heart.

If you are curious and want to explore how you can be more in touch with your true self, then book a session with Tejpal. Regardless of your choices, commit to your true identity.

With love,

Connect To Your Divinity

As human beings, we are faced with significant challenges that can elevate us or annihilate us. The way we relate to pain and pleasure is one of them. We believe that pleasure is good and pain is bad. We have a relationship with pleasure that is led by the emotional and mental bodies. In that context, pleasure puts you to sleep because it becomes a distraction or an addiction: more wine, more drugs, more jumping from one thing to another, etc.

When you experience the spiritual dimension of pleasure you expand, you are alive and vibrant; You Are Divine. To create that experience you have to do one thing, go in and drop deeper into your Self and stay.

As you learn to be with your Self, you transcend your thoughts and emotions, yet you pay attention to your senses, not from a place of cravings but a place of longing. You genuinely enjoy the realm of the physical, not from a place of reaction, but a place of choice and awareness. The spiritual experience of pleasure requires for you to commit to Self, moment to moment.

To benefit from the richness of commitment, start with a daily spiritual practice and learn to fall in love with your whole Self: the Self you like and the Self you don’t like. When this happens, you experience the stillness of love, the vastness of pleasure and your divinity.

What do you choose, buzzing, excitement or divinity?

With much love,

Stay Vibrant

How do you stay vibrant? One way is to reset your system to feel radiant and awake. But how do you do it?

I suggest you simply look at your daily rituals. How you dress, how you eat, how you pray, if you do, how you meditate, if you do, how you get up in the morning, etc. Your day is often filled with rituals.

The problem is that your rituals have a life of their own and you may have forgotten their purpose. If you are part of a lineage with a strong culture there are lots of rituals; and if you don’t participate in the rituals, you are out, you don’t belong, and in some cases, you go to jail or you are killed.

Depending on where you live in the world there are rituals linked to your gender, your age, and your social economic milieu. There are a lot of fights in the world about rituals, but a ritual is not the cause. It is a gateway to create a specific experience of inner peace, healing, clarity, grounding, forgiveness, etc.

First set an intent for your life. What are you longing for? Are you longing for peace, serenity, meaning, and/or healing? Then take the time to assess your rituals. Do they serve you and how?

Enjoy experimenting by dropping some of them, tweaking and or adding new ones.

Simply pick a part of your day and change one thing; you may be surprised about the outcomes. As Mother Theresa used to say “We can do no great things; only small things with great love.”

With much love,


The Life Pulse

Most of us want more joy and meaning in our lives. This is a beautiful longing yet it often becomes an attachment. The way we think our lives should create a roadmap for pain and distraction.
At almost 57 years old, I am amazed by how my life unfolds day by day in such unexpected ways…and I am learning and enjoying the process of detachment about a lifestyle…my life has many styles by the ways.

As you focus on your personal healing and transformation go within and pay attention to your life pulse.

The life pulse has four phases, expansion-stasis-contraction-stasis. This life pulse exists within every cell and every particle within the cell. Some of us get stuck in one phase and some of us skip some of the phases or force some of the phases. If you are attached to the expansion, phase thinking that life has to be exhilarating, expansive and creative all the time you are simply not connected to you. If you are in the stasis phase too much you are not respecting your true essence of personal growth and learning. And we know if you are in the contraction phase all the time it can be very painful.

In our society, we have valued the expansion phase of the life force. This is still a model that drives organizations and that drives how we look at health and vitality.

One of my best friend’s, who has a life-threatening disease, has learned to tap into the contraction phase by taking a three-hour nap every day. That has been her best medicine to challenge all the predictions of “not making it “ after 10 years.

Some of you will gain more peace when you go through a contraction phase. The problem is not the contraction but your perception of the contraction and your relationship with your own contraction. A happy pill…even if it is organic, will not be the first answer, but the last one.

Each phase is necessary for being vibrant and radiant in your life. If you are stuck in one for more than a few weeks then be curious. Is that serving you and how? What are you avoiding?

This month, go within and be curious about your life pulse and the life pulse of the people you love, you will develop compassion…one of the best medicines.

With much love,

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Reinventing Celebration

As we are approaching the holiday’s season, lets assess how we celebrate: we eat too much, drink too much, talk to much, stay up too late, watch too much football,  prepare too much food or engage into too many activities. This “too much” pattern is often part of what we call celebration. It looks to me more like self-destruction.

For years I used to hide behind my work seeing clients on Thanksgiving Day. I have learned to be a Thanksgiving gypsy…not work anymore, connect to nature and land for a little bit of time in one or two gatherings. It is still not my favorite time of the year but always a learning opportunity to soften in the discomfort.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we chose to approach celebrations as a healing opportunity? Wouldn’t it be nice to bring the quality of sacredness in any celebration? There is one element that is the foundation of sacredness and healing, this is Space.

Being spacious is not about being distant; it is not about disconnecting or minimizing your time with any loved ones. It is creating space in your attitude, in your listening, in your seeking, in your love and in your actions.

Love is space so that everyone can unfold in its unique and mysterious way moment to moment. Love without space becomes purely emotional and that is signing up for a rollercoaster of suffering.

Healing is space so that every part of you can change its own pattern and create a new way to exchange energy. Healing without space becomes rigid in the process and it will not work.

My wish is you decide to be spacious during the upcoming celebrations. You will gain awareness and your heart will thank you.

With all my love,

How Do You Pray?

We have many opportunities to pray as constant chaos and losses are happening on earth. The simple question is: how do you pray? Like many of you, in my younger age, I have begged and bargained in my prayers; I have prayed from a place of victim asking to be saved.

Praying is the opposite of begging; when you beg you loose your power and when you pray you are in your power. I am talking about spiritual power which the ability to experience oneness and stay connected with your true self.

When you pray, no matter what you do at the physical level, spiritually you are standing up. If you are praying on your knees, the purpose is to collect yourself not to make yourself so small that you don’t know what to do anymore. At that moment you raise the vibration within you and within the situation or people you are praying for.

Each of you is gifted with the power of prayers.  Yet if you get attached to a specific outcome you loose your spiritual connection and no healing can truly occur. We can’t really control the physical delivery of our prayers but we can shift the energy and from there things will unfold. Pray from a place of inner power like a true spiritual warrior.

With Much love,


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That Thing We Call Death

Once, Osho, the great Spiritual Teacher, said something like this: “Life and death are not opposite. Ego and death are opposite”. …And I got inspired…

Life is always about transformation, transmutation and metamorphosis. Life is always about healing never about achieving. The key element to health and healing is death. If you can’t die you can’t heal. If you can’t let go of your attachments, your beliefs, your stories and your behaviors you can’t heal. Death is the foundation of transformation. If you choose to be vibrant and alive then accept the dying process.

What is in the way to your healing? Your resistance to dying. You want to heal without dying and it simply does not work.

Be curious about your ongoing resistance…how you shut down, how you step away, how you choose to focus on the causes of your unhappiness or disease.  

Allow yourself to experience parts of your being that are new to you.

Allow yourself to look at your light and darkness without any stories around.

Just feel yourself deeper. That is where you will find inner peace and awareness. Pay attention to anything you have been saying to yourself for years: “I really want to change this or that”. Ask yourself this simple question: what part of me is ready to die? Is it my lack of trust? Is it my need for constant approval? Is it my fear of being alone? Is it my self-judgment?

What attachments, stories, beliefs, behavior, thoughts or relationships…am I really to let go?

Only then you experience the sacred within you …and that is the first step of healing.

With much love,


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What Wakes You Up?

Last week at the end of a talk on “How To Find Your Purpose”, I had several people who wanted to talk to me personally. That evening I was really tired fighting a sinus headache and I did not feel I had much more to give…I just wanted to go home. Several people wanted to talk to me at the end and a couple patiently waited for me. By then I could feel my heart closing down…The women, Cindy, shared that she has been diagnosed stage four pancreatic cancer last December. Within less than 30 seconds …I was not tired anymore and the three of us sat for a little while.

It was a great lesson for me. Tragedy woke me up. At that moment my mind had to drop and automatically my heart showed up. There was a new level of energy, a new set of priorities, a different listening and a new level of awakening. But really…Do I need a crisis to stay awake?

Every relationship is an opportunity for transformation, awakening and healing. I get reminded of this every day. Every relationship can give us a boost of energy when we choose to be engaged, open, sensitive and receptive. What is in the way to creating authentic relationships?

This month, surprise yourself. Reach out in a way you have not done before. Explore your resistance and fears and decide to break one of your old patterns in some of your relationships. Take a risk.

With much love,

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The Gifts of Silence

What if you choose to invite the quality of silence as your best guest for the month of November? We have co-created a world that does not give a lot of space for silence.
If you are a kid, silence is often given as a punishment. We need to explore the true gifts of silence.

We don’t go into silence because there is nothing to talk about or nothing to fight for or stand for. We don’t choose silence because we are scared to speak up or because we are hiding. We don’t decide to be in silence to check out in fact silence is the way to check in.

Learn to speak with silence in mind. Learn to invite silence into your life to connect to the essence of who you are.

Make silence your favorite guest at your Thanksgiving dinner table. This does not mean that you are quiet literally; this means that you choose to envelope your essence with silence. It will allow you to communicate and connect authentically.

In our noisy lives, silence is one of the best remedies for clarity, ability to make choices and inner peace.

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How Do You Say No?

How to say no.

There are a few things we don’t learn at school or in our family of origin; one of them is the art of saying no. People suffer from anxiety, ADD, sleep disorder, loneliness and much more. People also suffer from avoiding saying no.

In some countries saying no is perceived as a threat and your life can be in danger but that is not the case where most of you live. We need to practice saying no to gain clarity and inner stability.

If you say no from a place of anger, it is already too late. Your needs have not been met for quite a while, you feel rejected neglected or abused and your no is a reaction to what is happening. Yet at time anger is necessary to gain clarity and focus.

If you say no from a place of resistance that means your fears are running the show. Fear is the opposite of love; at that moment you are not present and not much is happening in your life.

There is one place to say no from; it is the heart center. The language of the heart is not about being nice it is about being true. The heart goes beyond the polarity nice/mean or good/bad. The heart carries neutrality clarity and peace. Your nos become a yes to you.

Explore your nos and assess them. Are you saying no enough in your life from your heart center? Are you present enough to who you are? Your values? Your beliefs, and what you care for? Are you committed enough to yourself to say no?

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What Is The Meaning Of Life


Last week I was asked to write an article with 200 words or less about the following question: “What is the meaning of life?”

And as we keep experiencing lots of crisis’ on this planet I invite you to journal on this question. The more clarity you have about your value system and your presence on earth, the easier it will be to create inner peace. From that place where you don’t react, but you make choices.

Meaning, it is an experience that comes from your heart not from your head. Your head does not experience anything but carries a lot of labels about everything; your heart stays present in the moment and open. When you experience a loss you have more chance to drop in the heart versus when you gain something. When you lose a loved one, your youth, a job, etc. you have an opportunity to sit back and decide what is meaningful and what is not. When you are on the “gain train” without many experiences of losses you are more in your head than in your heart. If you want to know what is the meaning of life go back to the time of loss.

Everyone has to decide for themselves what the meaning of life is. Regardless on how we want to express it on a daily basis, we all need to apply the basic campground rules for planet Earth and the Universe: “Leave this site in a better place than you have found it” and “Leave this planet in a better place than you have found it”.

Raise your vibration and the vibration of the planet daily.

With much love,

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Rejoice and Renew

Rejoyce and RenewAs we enter into a new year, we enter into a new frequency of energy. We have the opportunity to open up to a new level of awareness where we can see our patterns and experience our Self from a new perspective. A new frequency of energy gives us the opportunity to expand and reach new levels of joy.

This renewed self-expression requires healing. Without healing you will go into la-la land, driven by your stories and ungrounded.

What are you choosing to heal at this time? What part of you are you choosing to hold in stillness? How can you connect to the divine self within you? How can you stay connected to your true essence? How can you hold your duality, your fears, your hope and your despairs without trying to solve them or fix them? How can you trust the healing power of your soul energy?

When we choose the path of healing we choose radical truth.

If you are truly interested in self-renewal then start there. Remember that who you are is energy and simply be willing to look at your behavioral patterns. Do not go sideways into any context and or why you acted this way or that way. Look at you, your actions your reactions and your communication.

  1. What do I wish people knew about me?
  2. What do I wish people never discovered about me?
  3. What are my recurrent ways of acting (my patterns)?
  4. What are the fears and/or the needs that are driving my behavior?

My suggestion is to work with someone who can hold you with love and clarity. When you surrender to that level of truth then you will create joyful breakthrough in your life.

Rejoice and renew! Schedule a free 15 minutes discovery session with me!

Meditation for The Holidays Season: Let Go and Glow!

glowThe Holidays season often brings a myriad of emotions and memories. Some of them may be uplifting while others may be painful. Whether you are choosing to celebrate the Holidays or not, you cannot ignore them …It is “in the air”, it is part of the big energy field we are living in and therefore it impacts us.

How do you choose to celebrate this year? How do you choose to connect and relate to each others? Who do you need to forgive? What do you need to take responsibility for? How do you want to reach out from a place of truth?

This year, take this opportunity to truly transform yourself. Celebrations are always a rite of passage, an opportunity to reinvent who we are and let go of what does not serve you anymore.

To support you on your journey, I am inviting you to create a new habit for 40 days in a row and do a meditation with me.

Start November 24th and then decide after 40 days if you want to keep going but first choose to commit for 40 days.

What I know about this meditation is that it will heal and strengthen your nervous system. Your nervous system plays a big role in your emotions and thoughts. When this system is out of balance you are reactive, angry, depressed, worried, agitated and tired. When this system is strong and balanced you feel centered, aligned, and connected.

The decisions you are making come from a place of choice instead of a place of reaction.

Watch this video about the meditation.

If you choose to do it, share with me your experience and your questions.

I have much love and appreciation for each of you to be part of my life, Thank You, Thank You!

The Ultimate Foundation For Self-Transformation

tree-heartSelf-transformation is an ongoing process necessary if you want to be happy, holy and healthy. It is important to incorporate this dimension in our lives when things are going pretty well instead of when we hit a wall. Our cells renew constantly, why don’t we?

The golden key to self-transformation is Self-Love. But are we ready to look at it closely? Self- Love is by essence a destructive process. We are accepting the fact that we may need to tear apart, deconstruct some of our attachments about life, and let go of who we think we need to be. Self-love is saying yes to life and yes to death; it is a constant rebirthing process.

The biggest block to Self-Love is the intensity of our emotions. Anger, fear, judgments or anxiety to name a few are powerful obstacles to reinvent ourselves.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Paul is extremely creative and in many ways brilliant. Yet he has been unable to make some important shifts in his business because of a major anxiety about separation.
  2. Jina is a very successful lawyer and has been experiencing terror perhaps all her life. It is very difficult to trust and everything in her life feels very stiff. There is a deep lack of joy.

For Paul and Jina, the process to gain Self-Love has to be multidimensional (energy healing, sacred geometry, breath, writing exercises, etc.) to move beyond the emotional block and feel safe enough to make decisions that support their true essence.

It does not have to take years. Paul contacted a lawyer within a week of working together to explore the next steps regarding his business. Jina within a few months was able to embrace her daughter’s dream despite the fact that it did not make sense to her.

If you want to feel complete, at peace and radiant, then this is it! Have you said yes to Self- Love yet? Take a complimentary session with Tejpal.

One Thing You Should Never Compromise In Life

butterflyIn life, we make many compromises. Some of them we are at peace with. For example, the car I bought was not my color of choice, but it was a good deal financially. I sometimes work late to accommodate a client and I am in harmony with this.

At times, the compromises we are making are truly killing us. The following are true stories from my practice (the names have been changed):

  1. Ann has stopped going to her art class because she finishes late at work everyday.
  2. Peter has a new born baby and a second one coming soon. He had let go of his own business and has chosen to work in a company that pays good money but is not a great fit for him.
  3. Ella ‘s husband is a volunteer sport coach for the past 6 years. Ella carries all the financial responsibility of the family since then.
  4. Andrew loves musical theater but has chosen for the past two years to work for a software company.

Four true stories. Four out of these four people are exhausted, depressed, confused and some of them on medication to manage their anxiety. What happened?

They have one thing in common; they have compromised their deepest longing.

Ann is afraid to be rejected and is the only one working late; she has lost her vitality. Peter has been afraid to not make enough money and since he started working for someone else, he has been sick for the past year. Ella is putting on a lot of weight and is terrified to ask her husband to get a paid job as she believes he will leave her. Andrew has created a very structured life that looks successful on the surface but deep inside he feels empty and isolated.

Each time you compromise your deepest desire, you loose your life force. And from there, you create a negative momentum: your mind takes over trying to figure out a way to deal with everything and you get deeper into a black hole.

Why did they give up their desires? Because they did not know how to get there.

When you don’t know how to get somewhere, you listen to your fears instead of listening to your heart and soul. In most cases, you will literally become sick. What you need to focus on is your desire and only the first step to get there. Let go of creating an action plan, it will prevent you from moving forward.

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